Jennifer Lopez Steps Out Solo to Promote Atlas 

Jennifer Lopez Steps Out Solo to Promote Atlas 

Jennifer Lopez stepped out to promote her new sci-fi movie, Atlas. Her solo appearance on the red carpet exposed the sour relationship between her and her husband.

Jennifer Lopez has been hard at work promoting the sci-fi movie Atlas, which will be released on Netflix this coming Friday. In addition to promoting it on social sites and in interviews, the actress is also participating in different events to make Atlas a grand success. 

Lopez recently posed on the red carpet as she debuted her Netflix sci-fi action flick at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Monday. In addition to the movie, people also noticed something pretty obvious. 

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Amid reports of marriage tensions with husband Ben Affleck, the actress posed on the red carpet solo. Affleck did not join him at the event, though sources suggest that Ben is busy shooting The Accountant 2

The reports of marriage tensions initially occurred during the Met Gala. Jennifer Lopez attended the Met Gala alone. People raised questions about Ben Affleck’s not joining Jennifer. It was then clarified that Ben is currently busy shooting his upcoming movie.

However, just a few days after the event, news came that the two were not well. Sources also suggested that Ben and Jennifer were living separately. And now, this event has cleared the air that something is wrong between the two. 

Atlas Movie

Atlas is an upcoming science fiction movie starring Jennifer Lopez. It will be released on Netflix on Friday, May 24. Brad Peyton directed this American action thriller. 

Aron Eli Coleite and Leo Sardarian wrote Lopez’s Atlas. The movie stars are Lopez, Simu Liu, Sterling K Brown, and Mark Strong. Once the movie released, we will bring more information on it.

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