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Earthquake Strikes a Part of Northern Nevada
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Earthquake Strikes a Part of Northern Nevada

A 3.0 magnitude earthquake strikes East of Galena High School. According to the reports, no casualties have occurred due to the earthquake. However, a fear of future tremors of earthquakes kept people awake. 


Northern Nevada residents experienced a low-potential earthquake on Friday night. However, the 3.0 magnitude earthquake did not cause any casualties; as per the reports, it stressed people. 

According to the professionals, the epicenter of the tremors was a little more than four miles east of Galena High School, east of Veterans Parkway. The earthquake also impacted some areas north of the Virginia City Highlands. 

Earthquake on Tuesday 

Similarly, on Tuesday, a magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit the same area, Northern Nevada. However, the most recent quake was weaker than the previous one. 

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