Ex-WWE Superstar Steph De Lander Is Dating PCO 

Ex-WWE Superstar Steph De Lander Is Dating A PCO 

PCO gave former WWE Superstar Steph De Lander a love letter that she didn’t respond to at first. De Lander has accepted the proposal and will go on a date with PCO.

Former WWE superstar Carl Joseph Yvon Ouellet, famously known as PCO, has finally received the answer he was waiting for. A few days ago, PCO proposed to Steph De Lander with a heartfelt love letter, leaving the former WWE superstar speechless. De Lander promised to give him an answer after some time to consider.

The highly anticipated moment arrived after the PCO vs. Rich Swann TNA match. As the match concluded, Steph De Lander stepped into the ring, her expression filled with emotion. With the crowd on the edge of their seats, she announced her response: a resounding “Yes!” She agreed to go on a date with PCO, bringing cheers and excitement from the fans.

Persia Pirotta accepted a proposal

This heartwarming moment adds a new dimension to their wrestling personas, capturing the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts everywhere.

Before she opened up, she built up the moment and teased everyone in the audience. She asked everyone if she should answer yes or no. Finally, after a bit of drama, Steph De Lander accepted the proposal. 

“I have an answer to your question: will I go on a date with PCO? And my answer is Oui!” 

Steph De Lander Achievements 

Steph De Lander, known by her ring name Persia Pirotta, made significant strides during her tenure with WWE. Here are some of her notable achievements:

NXT Debut and Feud: wrestling under Persia Pirotta, Steph De Lander debuted in WWE’s NXT brand. She quickly made an impact by aligning herself with Indi Hartwell and forming a tag team that became a focal point of the women’s division.

Rivalries and Storylines: De Lander was involved in several high-profile storylines throughout her time in NXT. Her alliance and subsequent rivalry with crucial figures in the NXT women’s division helped elevate her status and showcased her wrestling skills.

Prominent Matches: De Lander participated in various significant matches and events, contributing to the overall excitement and drama of NXT programming. Her in-ring performances were characterized by her strength and agility, making her a standout competitor.

Character Development: De Lander’s character development was a highlight of her WWE career. Her transformation from a supporting character to a more prominent figure in NXT demonstrated her versatility and appeal as a wrestler.

While her time in WWE was impactful, Steph De continues to make waves in the wrestling world. She is now bringing her talents and charisma to TNA.

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