USA vs Ireland: Rain Ruined Pakistan’s Hopes for Super 8

USA vs Ireland: Rain Ruined Pakistan's Hopes for Super 8

The USA vs Ireland match was abandoned due to intermittent rain. Despite no result, the rain somehow managed to kick Pakistan out of the tournament.

Is it possible to lose even without participating in the match? Your answer must be no. But unfortunately, you are wrong. Pakistan made it possible. They lost their hopes of staying alive in the tournament due to the USA vs Ireland match, which was abandoned due to rain.

Not even the Kudrat Ka Nizam (Order of Nature) could not save them from being eliminated from the tournament. In other words, nature itself threw them out of the World Cup Super 8 race. 

USA vs Ireland match result 

The USA cricket team was taking on Ireland in the 30th match of the ICC T20 World Cup. Before the match started, it began raining so much that even the toss couldn’t take place.

Umpires and ground staff tried hard to start the match. The staff covered and uncovered the pitch multiple times to keep hopes alive, and the umpires made several ground inspections.

In the end, the USA vs Ireland match was abandoned without a toss. America and Ireland each found one point as per ICC rules. Meanwhile, Pakistan found themselves out of the tournament, defeated not by a team, but by the weather!

USA qualified in Super 8 

The match was canceled due to rain, which directly benefited the USA team. Before this match, they were in second place in the points table with four points. However, after the match was canceled, the US team got one point, and the sum of their points became five.

No team in Group A, except India, can reach 5 points even if they win all their remaining matches. So, this simply means that America is the second team qualified for the next stage from Group A.

How did rain ruin Pakistan’s game?

As usual, after losing the initial match, Pakistan once again became dependent on other teams’ matches. Pakistan lost its first two matches against the USA and India.

Although Pakistan won its third match against Canada, it still had only 2 points, while the USA won 2 games and stood second in the points table with 4 points. The path to progress in the tournament for Pakistan was almost closed.

If Pakistan won its remaining match and the USA lost today’s competition, both would have equal points. In such a situation, Pakistan might have had a chance to go to the Super 8 based on net run rate.

However, rain dashed Pakistan’s hopes, and the USA qualified for the Super 8 without playing a match. For now, it’s over for Pakistan. They can enjoy shopping and American food until their last match concludes on June 15.

And yeah, fortune always favors the brave, not the dependent.

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