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Fans criticized Justin Beiber for Liking Rihana's Video
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Fans criticized Justin Bieber for Liking Rihanna’s Video

Baby singer Justin Bieber had a crush on Rihanna, as he confirmed years ago. However, amid his split rumors with Hailey, Justin Bieber did something that fans didn’t like. 

Recently, Rihanna shared a video to show off her Savage x Fenty designs. Justin liked his old crush’s hot lingerie video. After some time, he withdrew his reaction, but the fans started refreshing the old stories.

Some fans started criticizing the Let Me Love You singer for stocking his old crush when his marital life was about to end. However, at the same time, some music lovers took it lightly and shared some humorous reactions. 

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What is the Video?

In her recent Instagram reel, Rihanna promoted her brand Savage X Fenty in her style. She can be seen wearing pale green underwear and rolling around in bed. 

In her unique style, The Shut Up And Drive star smiles when the camera zooms in on her. She soon adjusts her lingerie, Savage X Fenty brand, to make it clear for people to notice her brand. 

You can also watch the video by visiting Rihanna’s official Instagram account. 

Justin Beiber, continuously trending for his weakening relationship with wife Hailey Beiber, reacted to the video. Don’t know if it was by mistake or intentional but fans are now connecting it with the singer’s personal life. 

People’s reactions to the matter 

Before Justin could take back his reaction, people had taken screenshots of his actions. Since Justin had a crush on Rihanna when he was 15, as the singer himself disclosed to Ellen DeGeneres, fans got a reason to criticize. 

In 2011, Justin Bieber revealed that he had a crush on Rihanna. He even asked her for a date at that time, but she refused, saying, “You are too Young.” 

Pointing a Hailey’s recent post, one fan wrote, “He literally likes and comments on everyone’s posts except her. He didn’t even like the birthday post she made for him lol.” 

“The way he ignores her as if she doesn’t exist is wild. I’m waiting for the damage control that Hailey will do now,” another user wrote. 

“He did used to always say he has a crush on Rihanna. But it’s funny how he isn’t giving Hailey any attention,” another pointed out.

Please share your reactions in the comment section as well. 

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