Firefighters battle blaze in Whitinsville 

Firefighters battle blaze in Whitinsville

Firefighters are consistently showing their skills to end the fire in Whitinsville’s historic manor. The fire occurred at the historic Monor on Hill Street after one in the morning. 

According to reports, there were seven people inside the building when the fire started. Fortunately, all seven individuals safely exited the building after the fire began. As a result, there have been no reported casualties due to the fire. However, extinguishing the fire has proven to be a challenging task for firefighters.

According to the Fire Chief, the fifth-alarm fire took more than four hours to get under control. 

All events cancelled 

The historic manor is now a place where artists perform their skills and let people enjoy themselves. This is also a residential place for a couple who purchased it in October 2021. 

As per the reports, all the shows scheduled today have been canceled due to the fire. The shows will be started once the fire is under control and everything is normal. 

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