Google Gemini App is Now Available for Android Users in the UK and EU

Google Gemini App is Now Available for Android Users in the UK and EU

Android users can now smoothly install Google Gemini App on their smartphones. The App can replace Google Assistant as well. 

Finally, Google announced some good news for Android users in the UK and EU. The company has launched its AI app, Gemini, for these users. 

With the launch in the UK and EU, Google Gemini is not available in 170-word markets. Android users can easily open the Play Store to download the better assistant for their smartphones. Some Google Assistant voice features are not available in the Gemini app. 

The iOS users will also have access in the next couple of weeks. 

Before this announcement, Gemini was functional in some parts of the EU. However, sideloading the APK was a long process. Now, Android users can directly download the Google Gemini app from the Play Store and enjoy assistance. 

Users can choose any of the Gemini or Google assistants as their assistant. Both are not operable at one time. Google Gemini is available only on Android phones with 2 GM or more RAM. 

Google Gemini User Reviews 

The newly launched Google Gemini has a 4.3-star rating on the Play Store. More than 5 million users have downloaded the App. Users have given mixed reviews of the App. About 1 lakh and 45 thousand users rated it with five stars. 

Josh Evans reviewed the App most recently, and his experience was not good. 

“Completely unusable. It just gives me a message saying, “Gemini isn’t available… Gemini is gradually expanding and so on.” This is strange because it worked completely fine for about an hour after I first downloaded it. It also works completely fine on a browser. It’s been like this for days now, with no sign of stopping. I’ve tried checking for updates and downloading and installing but nothing makes any change,” he wrote in the review. 

Though not all reviews are negative, some have also praised the app. 

Reva wrote, “So far, my experience with Gemini has been fabulous. I have found there are loads of things to use it for so long as you are creative in the way you prompt it. I have noticed the speed at which Gemini’s Language model is improving, and I am excited to see where it takes us! I do recommend this App for the use of staying organized, writing, or any idea prompts you need help with.” 

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