Watch Billie Eilish’s New Self Directed Video, Chihiro 

Watch Billie Eilish New Self Directed Video: Chihiro

Billie Eilish has shocked fans with a fresh self-directed video titled “Chihiro.” In this enigmatic 5-minute and 23-second video, Eilish presents a surreal narrative that has everyone guessing.

The video features Eilish’s song “Hit Me Hard and Soft” playing in the background, but it’s not a typical music video.

In “Chihiro,” Eilish portrays a character who is fighting and escaping from an unknown place, giving the impression of being trapped in a dream. The video starts with her character walking through a long gallery, closing all open doors along the way—perhaps symbolizing her efforts to keep certain aspects of her life private.

Though the video has no direct references to her past albums or any formal announcements, it clearly aims to convey a specific situation or person Eilish is dealing with. “Chihiro” feels far more than a generic social media post, offering a glimpse into a personal and intense experience.

She meets someone, argues with him and suddenly when the camera tries to capture the man closely, he disappears. This may be a reference to someone special in Billie’s life. In the Billie Eilish directorial video, the person comes thrice. 

All the time, they fought first before engaging in romantic hugs. This may be a reference to someone who came into Eilish’s life thrice and they both loved each other after some sweet fights.  

Billie Eilish albums 

Before the release of Chihiro, Billie had released three studio albums, one live album and one video album. Her “Bad Guy” was the biggest selling single globally with 19.5 million units sold in a year. 

She released her first studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, in 2019. After that, she launched Happier Than Ever in 2021. Her most recent studio album, which can also be experienced in Chihiro, was Hit Me Hard and Soft. 

It was released in 2024. 

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