Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are not Together Anymore 

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are not Together Anymore 

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell dated each other for over a year after their romance started in 2023. 

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell, one of the hottest couples in the industry, have now decided to part ways. Although neither has officially announced it, sources revealed that the couple is no longer together. 

According to the sources and media reports, Harry and Taylor have decided to part ways following their recent trip to Japan. Sources also suggest that it may be a formal break and for a short duration. 

A friend close to Harry Styles and Taylor Russell told The Sun that the couple went through a rough patch after their trip. They were last seen together riding bikes in Tokyo in April. However, after that meeting, no one saw them together. 

What source say about Harry and Taylor’s relationship

The source stated, “Harry and Taylor have ended their relationship. They went through a rough patch after their trip to Japan and are taking some time apart.” The word ‘sometime’ also hints at a formal break that the couple has taken to focus on some crucial things. 

The source added, “He has been in America, and she has been in London. They made a lovely couple, and it was obvious Taylor made Harry happy, but things have become strained recently.” 

However, The Sun has not revealed the actual cause of separation on behalf of the source. So, the reason behind the Harry Styles and Taylor Russell split is still not clear. We assume that something that occurred during the trip became the cause of the separation. 

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell’s relationship

Before this breakup occurred, Harry and Taylor were in a romantic relationship for more than 14 months. On August 17, 2023, a source revealed that Taylor and Harry are enjoying their secret relationship. 

In August, the couple was captured walking and holding hands in London. After this, they started seeing each other more often, and their relationship became the center of attention.

According to sources, their relationship was going very well. The news was that the two will soon expect their first child. But now, they are parting the ways. 

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