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How Ricki Lake Lose 35 Pounds: Let's see the motivation
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How Ricki Lake Lose 35 Pounds: Let’s see the motivation

Ricki Lake loves challenges and proving people wrong. This was her only motivation throughout her weight loss journey. 

Losing weight is never easy for anyone. This is a process that does not happen in a day, but if continuous efforts are made then it will definitely happen one day. Ricki Lake has proved that weight loss is possible even at the age of 55. 

In a recent appearance on “Good Morning America,” the actress and TV personality disclosed that she had shed 35 pounds over the past few months. Remarkably, her husband, who joined her in the endeavor, also managed to lose 40 pounds.

Ricki likes accepting challenges and proving others wrong and it served as a motivation for her to lose weight. She did all this without taking any weight loss medications and completed the challenge. 

Why did Ricki Lake lose weight?

Since marrying Ross Burningham, Ricki Lake has found immense happiness in her life. However, her weight previously caused strain on her marriage and everyday life, prompting her decision to embark on a weight loss journey.

Speaking to ABC News, she expressed, “I feel the best I can remember feeling in my life. I have this new marriage, and I am so blissfully happy with this amazing man, my perfect man.” Ricki identified excess weight as a critical issue, stating, “And if I pinpoint one thing that was not working in our lives, is that we were carrying this extra weight.”

How did Ricki Lake lose weight? 

Ricki Lake started on her weight loss journey without relying on any weight loss pills or medication, despite initial skepticism from her husband, who doubted her ability to succeed without medication. 

Determined to prove both those who turn to medication for weight loss and those who advocate for it wrong, Ricki took on the challenge.

Inviting her husband to join her in the endeavor, Ricki shed an impressive 35 pounds in just seven months through fasting, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. 

She recounted, “He was saying you were not going to be successful without it (medication), is what he said to me.” Fueled by her love for challenges and the desire to prove doubters wrong, Ricki felt motivated by his doubt, stating, “I like challenges. And I like proving people wrong. And so, it pissed me off.”

To achieve their weight loss goals, Ricki Lake and her husband, Ross Burningham, adopted intermittent fasting, began exercising, and adhered to a keto diet. 

Ross also shed about 40 pounds of unwanted fat, showcasing their dedication and commitment to their shared mission.

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