How to identify fake Internet pharmacies 

fake Internet pharmacies 

Buy medicine online scams are on the rise worldwide, including in the United States. US residents who do not have health insurance or do not have a legal prescription are potential targets of such fake internet pharmacies. 

You might have sometimes seen a comment in the comment box of your favorite video with the message of buying medicine online. Comments may also include the names of some medications that are very popular or not available without a prescription. 

These messages can also be seen in the form of reviews on a variety of web stores under different types of products. Typically, these comments include a link that takes you to fake internet pharmacies. The website may look like an Internet pharmacy with many pharmaceutical products.

Although not all web pharmacies are fake, some are genuine. But genuine websites sell only legal and OTC products, not prescription-based medicines. 

Difference between genuine and fake internet pharmacies 

The main difference between real and fake internet pharmacies is that real pharmacies have legal certificates, but fake ones do not. However, understanding the authority of legal documents is not easy for everyone, as fake websites can also mislead customers by showing fake papers.

Things that can indicate a fake Internet pharmacy; 

  • Selling prescription medications without prescription;
  • Offering only prescription medications at a low cost; 
  • Offering free and overnight delivery services; 
  • Providing huge deals and discounts; 
  • Using payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, Gift Cards, etc. 
  • Fake or false information is available on the website. 

The US Food and Drug Administration has released a list of fake internet pharmacies. You must avoid purchasing medications from such stores. 

Disadvantages of purchasing drugs from fake Internet pharmacies 

Most fake websites ask for prepaid and once paid, your product is never delivered. This is the largest scan conducted by Internet pharmacies. 

Some fake pharmacies can deliver your product as well. However, the product will not be genuine. These fake products can harm your health and can lead to severe side effects. 

Sometimes, fake pharmacies may also ask for your personal and banking details in order to complete the order. If you share, your bank will be empty soon. 

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