India Lost the First Test Against England

First Test Against England

India lost its first Test against England on home soil. It’s no big deal; winning and losing are part of the game. However, when you are in a position to win and still lose, it is heartbreaking.

The mighty Indians and the father of cricket, England, were facing each other in the first test match. India, the economic power of world cricket, was leading the game in the initial three days. However, they lost the first test against England on the fourth day. 

This match was very disappointing for the Indian fans, who were hoping to win against a strong team like England. After the bad defeat against Australia in the Men’s Cricket World Cup, Indian fans are really not happy with their national team. The fans were expected to bandage their wounds by winning against England. India lost this chance as well. 

India lost the first test against England by 28 runs even after taking a good lead in the first innings. Tom Hartley, the only player, took the entire match away from Indian legends. 

Match Summary: India vs England

In the first test match, the guests, England, won the toss and elected to bat first. Even after getting a good start, England lost its all ten wickets under 250 runs. They actually scored only 246 runs in the first innings. 

In response, India showed a good game and scored 436 runs in their first innings. Jadeja and Jaiswal were the heroes of the Indian first innings, and they scored 87 and 80 runs for their team. India took a strong lead of 190 runs in its first innings. 

However, in the second innings, England showed their potential. They scored 420 runs in their second innings and took a solid lead of 230 runs. Ollie Pope, with 196 runs, pushed Indians on the backsheet. Duckett also played a 47-run good knock for his team. 

In the response, India showed very poor performance. They lost all of their wickets in just 202 runs. The skipper Rohit Sharma was the only batsman for India who showed some courage and scored 39 runs. The rest of the Indian team played like noobs and lost the first test against England. 

First test highlights

India lost its first test against England by 28 runs. England scored a total of 666 runs in its two innings. However, India lost all its wickets in two innings, with a total score of 638 runs. As a result, India lost the first test. Ollie Pope took the first win away from the Indian team. 

It’s not the end yet; India has four other chances to show their potential. In addition, it’s also a lesson for Indian selectors, who select a team with no sense. It is time to bring back professionals like Pujara. 

Rest is the call of selectors. The Viral Infos will come back with another update regarding cricket or other sports games. Meanwhile, keep reading the Viral infos. 

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