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How to stop Masturbation
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Is Masturbation immoral? How to stop Masturbation?

Most people believe that Masturbation is immoral and search for the answer: how to stop Masturbation? Is it really immoral? How can you stop Masturbation, and what benefits will it bring for you? Let’s uncover the answers!

Is Masturbation immoral? 

From some cultural or religious viewpoints, you may call Masturbation immoral. However, there is still no clue as to why we consider this activity of self-pleasure to be immoral. Like food, sex is also a need of our body. So, if we can nourish our bodies by eating food, why not sex?

And if it is so immoral or immoral, then why is marriage so sacred, and why do people marry? Yes, you may be wondering about the difference between sex and Masturbation. There may be thousands of differences between the act of intercourse and Masturbation. 

But one thing is absolutely true: Masturbation is not something that does not happen in sex. Intercourse involves all we do during Masturbation. The only thing that is different is the involvement of a second person. 

And the truth is that not all people have a consenting partner to engage in sexual intercourse with. And forced sex is equivalent to a heinous crime called rape. Therefore, if one pleasures oneself without harming or abusing anyone, it is less immoral than rape or forced sex.

Furthermore, if Masturbation is so immoral, why does every other person masturbate? According to the National Library of Medicine, about 27 to 40 percent of women (older adults) and about 41 to 65 percent of men masturbate at regular intervals. 

What are the side effects of Masturbation?

People who believe Masturbation to be immoral often talk about the negative effects of this activity. Although some of their arguments are worthy of consideration, most of them are nothing more than myths. 

It is believed that Masturbation causes physical weakness or other physical health problems. In some cases, when there are no limits to Masturbation, this may be true. However, in most cases, when someone masturbates to a limit, it does not have any negative effects on their physical health.

Even eating without limits results in unpleasant consequences; why not Masturbation? People involved in extreme Masturbation should look for an answer on how to stop Masturbation. 


Sometimes, people become so obsessed with Masturbation that they do not care about the rest of the world. If they stop masturbating, they start behaving like bitches. They do not give importance to home, family, school, business, or anything else.

So, masturbation addiction can be dangerous for anyone. 

Feeling guilt

Guilt is something that almost everyone experiences after Masturbation. Everyone has their own reasons, whether cultural, religious, or spiritual, but they feel guilty. 

They find themselves wrong and fail to achieve confidence in public. However, there is nothing wrong with Masturbation if you are practicing it to its limits. 

Your guilt may result in some severe mental health conditions or may turn you to drug or alcohol addiction. We recommend you talk to a therapist if you are going through any such guilt. 

What are the benefits of Masturbation?  

The benefits of Masturbation, if you look at it through a social lens, seem very strange. However, there are a lot of benefits of Masturbation if it is limited. 

People who practice it feel more relaxed, get better sleep, and experience fewer tension challenges. It keeps you mentally awake and helps you focus on your work instead of sex or similar things. 

It may sound strange, but Masturbation saves a lot of your hard-earned money. However, we do not believe that self-pleasure can be a substitute for a partner. This saves you a huge amount of money that you spend on your temporary partners.

People who masturbate at regular intervals experience less anxiety or other mental health issues. However, people who do not masturbate report many kinds of mental health issues. 

Masturbation also enhances confidence in bed. People who masturbate have a clear idea about their stamina and how they can make it last longer. In fact, some individuals practice Masturbation before intercourse. 

How to stop Masturbation?

There are thousands of tips and tricks to stop Masturbation or get rid of masturbation addiction. However, we will suggest to you only four that can be most effective. 

Engage yourself in work.

Your brain turns to Masturbation when it doesn’t have something else to do. So, engaging your mind in other tasks is the best idea to avoid Masturbation. Also, if you keep yourself engaged, you will have no time to masturbate. 

Follow a 21-day therapy.

Only twenty-one days are enough to get rid of any kind of addition. All you have to do is to avoid masturbating for at least 21 days. Once the 21 days are completed, your brain will stop thinking about Masturbation and its needs. 

Do proper exercise

High energy levels also trigger you to masturbate regularly or on a daily basis. If you schedule exercise on the time you were spending Masturbation, you will get multiple benefits. 

Firstly, it will keep you away from Masturbation. Secondly, exercise will engage your brain in activities other than Masturbation. And lastly, Masturbation will burn the extra calories that you will not like to masturbate. 

Stop watching adult content.

Adult content is one of the biggest reasons why people start Masturbation. You may feel more horny if you watch adult content. So, stop watching adult content to avoid Masturbation. 

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