India vs Afghanistan: Super Over Highlights

Rohit Sharma: India vs Afghanistan

India vs Afghanistan was the third and last T20 match concluded in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. The match was a complete package of excitement, thrill, and super-overs. Let’s have a look at Super Over Highlights. 

The last T20 between India and Afghanistan took place in Bengaluru on Wednesday. India also won the third T20. However, this time, Afghanistan has made it very difficult for the Indian team to win the match.

India won the toss and decided to bat first. Initially, this decision proved wrong for the Indian team, and they lost their four important wickets for just 22 runs. Jaiswal scored only four runs, while Virat Kohli and Samson returned to the pavilion without scoring any runs.

After the early fall of 4 wickets, captain Rohit Sharma and Rinku Singh took charge and took India to a good score of 212 runs. Rohit scored a total of 121 runs in just 69 balls, while his teammate Rinku Singh scored 69 runs in just 39 balls.

In retaliation, Afghanistan made a great start and scored 93 runs without losing any wickets. Gurbaz and Zadran gave their team a solid start. However, after 93 runs, they lost three consecutive wickets to Gurbaz, Zadran, and Umarzai.

Gulbadin Naib and Mohammad Nabi also tried their best to win. However, their efforts only take them to the Super Over.

Super Over Highlights: 3rd T20

Two Super Overs happened in this last India vs Afghanistan T20 match. In the first super over, Gulbadin and Gurbaz came for batting, while Mukesh was ready with the ball. On the very first ball, India gets a wicket in the form of a runout. Naib went back to the dressing room on the very first ball of the match. 

On the second yorker-length ball by Mukesh Kumar, Nabi took a single. Now, Afghanistan was on two runs on two balls. The third ball proved lucky for Afghanistan, and Gurbaz got a four by luck. On the fourth ball of the super over, Gurbaz took a single, and Nabi came to the crease. 

Nabi hit a six on the very next ball to take the score to 13 runs. On the last ball of the over, Afghanistan get three controversial runs. 

Rohit Sharma and Jaiswal came out to chase the target of 17 runs. Rohit took a single on the very first ball without any contact between the bat and the ball. Jaiswal also scored only one run on the second ball of the over. India had scored only two runs in 2 balls until Rohit did not hit the sixer. Now India needed nine runs with three balls remaining.

Rohit smashed another six on the fourth ball of the super over. However, on the fifth ball, the skipper took an unfortunate single. Now, India has to score 2 to win the match and 1 to tie the score. Jaiswal took only a single, and the match again went for a super over. 

Second Super Over Highlights 

This time, Rohit and Rinku came with their bats, and Fareed Ahmad took responsibility for bowling. Sharma again hit a six on the very first ball. The second ball also went for a four after a great connection with Rohit’s bat. On the third ball of the super over, Rohit took a single to bring Rinku on strike. 

Rinku lost his wicket on the fourth ball of the over, and the score was still 11 runs. Now, after Rinku, Sanju came on the crease. Unfortunately, Sharma got run out on the very next ball, and India finished its super-over game with a total score of 11 runs. 

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Nabi and Gurbaz came for batting this time, and Ravi Vishnoi had a responsibility to stop them. Bishnoi did a great job for India and took a crucial wicket of Nabi. On the second ball of the match, Karim took a single. However, on the third ball, Bishnoi sent Gurbaz back, and India won the third t20 easily. 

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