Who is Harambe trending on social media sites?


Harambe, which is currently trending on social media, is Harambe Protocol, not Harambe Gorilla. Let’s see who was Harambe!

Harambe Protocol is an up-and-coming company in Australia. It is focused on building out a blockchain of ventures. Harambe’s primary target is the gaming industry, which it wants to take over through its ecosystem. 

However, the name Harambe is based on a popular incident that happened with a gorilla. Let’s see who Harambe is and why he is trending. 

Who is Harambe? 

According to Wikipedia, Harambe was a western lowland gorilla who lived in Cincinnati Zoo. Harambe was born at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas on May 27, 1999. His name, “Harambe,” was influenced by Rita Marley’s song and given by Dan Van Coppenolle. 

Harambe was transferred from Gladys Porter Zoo to Cincinnati Zoo on September 18, 2014. Officials sent him to Cincinnati to learn how adult Gorillas behave and join the adult Gorillas in Cincinnati. 

Why is Harambe so popular? 

Harambe became popular after his death. Actually, Harambe’s death was the main reason behind his popularity. He did not die due to a normal reason. Harambe was killed by a person who was responsible for his care. 

Actually, on May 28, a little kid climbed under a fence into an outdoor gorilla enclosure. Harambe grabbed the boy violently, and it looked like he would kill the baby. A zoo person nearby shot and killed Harambe with the intention of saving the baby.

When the video came into the public domain, people started debating Harambe’s death. Some considered it the assassination of Harambe, while others said it was the only option.

However, the truth was that the child could have been saved without harming Harambe. The officers could have injected some medicine to render him unconscious for some time.

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