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India Vs Pakistan Davis Cup
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India Vs Pakistan Davis Cup: Full Schedule and Team Details 

The India vs Pakistan Davis Cup schedule for 2024 matches is out now. The great rivals will first face off on February 3 and 4 at the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad. 

Sports are temporary; rivalries are permanent. I know this is not a moral or social statement. But when it comes to India vs Pakistan, this statement becomes so relevant. After all, all games belong to the audience, and without fans, it is like a fire without heat. 

Indian and Pakistani sports enthusiasts always wait for the matches between India and Pakistan. These cricket-crazy countries also love all that is India vs Pakistan. So, the moment is finally knocking on the door in the form of the India Vs. Pakistan Davis Cup. 

Let’s check the details of the upcoming Davis Cup matches when these rivals will face each other. 

India vs Pakistan Davis Cup schedule 

The Indian tennis team will confront the hosts of the Davis Cup 2024 in a play-off on February 3. They will also face each other on February 4 at Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad. The Indian tennis team is visiting Pakistan for the first time for a Davis Cup match after 1964. 

India qualified for the Davis Cup 2024 playoffs following their 4-1 win against Morocco at home in September last year. 

How do you watch India and Pakistan’s playoff match?

India and Pakistan Davis Cup 2024 World Group I play-off will take place on February 3 and 4 at the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

India vs Pakistan DavisDavis Cup World Cup squads 

Pakistan: Muzammil Murtaza, Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi, Aqeel Khan, Barkatullah, Muhammad Shoib and Captain Muhammad Abid. 

India: Ram Kumar Ramanathan, Yuki Bhambri, Sriram Balaji, Saketh Myneni, Nikki K Poonacha and Captain Zeeshan Ali. 

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