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Intimate Scene Was not Awkward for the Mother-Son - Elizabeth
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Intimate Scene Was not Awkward for Elizabeth

Following the release of the trailer for “Strictly Confidential,” there is significant backlash directed towards Elizabeth Hurley. Fans express discontent regarding including intimate scene written and directed by her son, Damian. 

In a recent interview with People, Elizabeth Hurley addresses fans’ reactions to the intimate scene in “Strictly Confidential.” The “Bedazzled” star suggests that fans may be overreacting to the portrayal of these scene, emphasizing that nothing inappropriate occurred during filming. 

According to her, the scenes were not uncomfortable to film and do not warrant the scrutiny they have received. Hurley also mentioned that all they did was not awkward for the mother-son pair. They did only what was required by the story. 

However, fans think differently. They are not comfortable watching intimate scene of a mother performing under her son’s direction. They think there must be some boundaries in the mother-son relationship. How can a son write such scenes for his own mom? 

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What did Elizabeth Hurley say?

Elizabeth said to People Magazine, “People are making a lot of fuss. I think there are a lot of factors making it a particularly interesting scene for people.” 

One of the factors quoted by Hurley was the creative involvement of his son Damian. But the “Austin Powers” star said filming such scenes was not awkward for the mother-son duo. Actress added, “There actually is not any nudity. Nobody is exploited at all. We felt comfortable doing it. 

She indicated that there was not that much time to shoot the shots. “We were so rushed,” Damian reflected, with Hurley adding, “It was like, come on, let’s shoot it.” 

Strictly Confidential Storyline 

It is too early to judge or assume the entire story of the movie. However, after watching the trailer, it seems like Elizabeth is playing a supporting role, as is Lily, a wealthy woman. According to the incidents shown in the trailer, Lily’s daughter Rebecca drowned near the family home in the Caribbean. 

After a year, her daughter’s best friend Mia, played by Georgia Lock, and their friends reunite at Lily’s beachside retreat, where secrets emerge.

The movie revolves arround these secrets. One secret also reveals the sexual relationship of Rebecca with Natasha, one of her friends. 

In addition to direction, Elizabeth’s son Damian Hurley has also worked as an actor. She portrayed the Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in The Royals. He has been active in the industry since July 2016 and has played some important characters in TV series. 

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