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IPL Playoffs Race: RCB's Chances of Reaching the Playoffs
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IPL Playoffs Race: RCB’s Chances of Reaching the Playoffs

SRH vs LSG dealt a severe blow to Mumbai Indians’ hopes. However, besides LSG and MI, Hyderabad’s dominant victory has many hopes of IPL playoffs.

By convincingly defeating Lucknow Supergiants, Hyderabad bolstered its own playoff contention and surprised other teams. Mumbai Indians are now entirely out of the tournament’s playoff race.

Despite 57 matches played, no team has secured an IPL playoffs berth yet. However, RCB’s prospects don’t look promising, considering the current situation. Their hopes are only hopes, and even after winning all three matches, they will need to depend on other teams.

Current Scenario for IPL Playoffs

Currently, KKR and RR are leading the table with 16 points each. If they win all their matches to come, KKR and RR may achieve up to 22 points each. However, since KKR and RR will have to face each other in a match, reaching 22 points for both teams is impossible.

If they finish on 22 and 20, no other team can match them. Still, the playoff spots are not confirmed for KKR and RR because if they lose 2 of their upcoming matches, they will reach only 18 points, and SRH and CSK can also match.

In total, no team is looking comfortable reaching the IPL playoffs in the current situation.

RCB’s Path to IPL Playoffs

I know; it hurts when someone says RCB has no chances this year as well. We will not hurt you, for sure, but we can’t give you that much assurance. While one team can reach 22 points, two teams can reach 20 points, four teams can reach 18 points, and six teams can reach 16 points, RCB can only reach 14 points despite winning all three games.

RCB has no battle with KKR and RR as they are already out of their range. So, to secure its spot in the IPL playoffs, RCB will need to win all three matches. After winning all their matches, RCB will need to follow SRH, CSK, LSG, and GT matches.

For now, the calculation is not possible to clearly create a path for RCB. However, if CSK wins any two matches of its three matches to come, RCB will be out of the playoff race.

We will conduct a deep analysis once the conditions are a little clearer.

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