Iran will face serious consequences: Pakistan Warned 

Iran will face serious consequences

Pakistan has finally reacted to Iran’s air attack. Pakistan has warned that Iran will face serious consequences for what it has done on Pakistani soil.  

Iran has taken strict action against terrorism and terrorist gangs in Pakistan. Iranian Revolutionary Guards have carried out small air strikes on two Pakistani terrorist hideouts in Balochistan. 

Iran’s attack involved missiles and drones to target the Sunni militant group Jaish al-Adl. They executed calculated missile strikes to hit two hideouts of Jaish al-Adl, as per the Iranian State Media. 

As per the reports by Tasnim news agency, the air strike was aimed only at terrorists, and it was a successful attack. However, as per the Pakistan officials, the strike killed two innocent children while three others got injured. 

Pakistan’s reaction to Iran’s air strike

Pakistan has condemned Iran’s air attack and termed it an unprovoked violation of its sovereignty. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has warned that Iran will face serious consequences for this air attack. They have summoned Tehran’s top diplomat in Islamabad over the incident. 

Pakistan also said in a loud warning tone that such actions are not good for the neighboring country.

Why did Iran attack Pakistan?

No exact reason is known for Iran’s air strikes on Pakistan territory. However, professionals are considering it a counter-move by Iran. This airstrike is believed to be a reaction to the deadly attack on an Iranian police station last month. 

What is Jaish Al-Adl?

Jaish Al-Adl is a Pakistani Sunni Militant group and is also popular with the name “Army of Justice” in the country. This group emerged in 2012 with some religious agendas. However, as per certain countries’ allegations, Jaish Al-Adl is a terrorist organization. 

What countries have attacked Pakistan? 

Iran is not the only country to attack Pakistan’s terror hideouts through the way. Before Iran, America and India also targeted militant bases in Pakistan. America assassinated Osama Bin Laden in 2011. At the same time, India claims to have visited and hit Pakistani militant hideouts twice. 

We will bring to you that if Iran reacts to Pakistan’s warning, Iran will face serious consequences. 

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