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January 8: What is Important Today?

It’s January 8 today, which is known for multiple national and international days. Let’s closely examine what special days fall on January 8. 

World Typing Day

January 8 is celebrated as the World Typing Day in the entire world. This special day is dedicated to celebrating the origins of typing communications. World Typing Day is also a tribute to some important events in the world of typing. 

History of World Typing Day

The first typewriter was invented in the late 1860s and was a part of the Second Industrial Revolution. The invention of the typewriter completely changed the way people communicated all over the world. 

The World Typing Day started in 2011 when January 8 was selected to commemorate the Malaysian Speed Typing Contest. 

Many ways of communication, like texting, calling, and video and audio notes, are now available. Among these modern-age communication solutions, World Typing Day keeps the memories and importance of Typewriters alive. 

Earth’s Rotation Day

January 8 is also important for anyone living on Earth because it is Earth’s rotation day. The entire world celebrates World Earth Rotation Day on the anniversary of French physicist Leon Foucault’s demonstration of the Earth’s rotation on its axis.

This particular day is very important for all the living elements on the Earth as their lives are totally dependent on Earth’s rotation. It gives us all that we need for our survival and change of seasons. 

History of Earth’s Rotation Day

The Earth has been rotating on its axis for the last billions and billions of years. So, it is not possible to dedicate a particular day when the Earth started rotating. However, the world celebrates Earth Rotation Day on the date when a scientist discovered the facts regarding the Earth’s rotation. 

Therefore, Earth Rotation Day is celebrated on the date when French physicist Leon Foucault demonstrated the rotation of the Earth on its axis.

National Career Coach Day

National Career Coach Day also falls on January 8. This day, in the United States, is celebrated to appreciate the coaches who gave us everything we need to build careers. This event also helps career coaches to get the best opportunities for their lives. 

History of National Career Coach Day

National Career Coach Day was founded in 2023 with the support of Angie M. Callan of Career Benders. The day was established with the aim of recognizing the important work done by career coaches. 

Founders also marked this day to appreciate the vital services career coaches provide to people worldwide.

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