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June Shared an emotional post regarding Anna Marie Cardwell
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June Shared an emotional post regarding Anna Marie Cardwell

Shannon makes sure that her granddaughter and Anna Marie Cardwell’s daughter, Kaitlyn, get all the affection she deserves. While preparing her for first grownup dance, June shared an emotional post regarding the late Cardwell. 

Catlyn is now at the stage to join her first grownup dance. Grandmother Mama June Shannon does not lose any chance to make her feel loved. 

Almost five months after Anna Marie Cardwell’s death at 29, Shannon took some pictures of her granddaughter on Instagram. In the pictures, Kaitlyn can be seen smiling and growing. 

June Shared an emotional post regarding Anna Marie Cardwell
Kaitlyn Picture from the post

In some of the pictures, Shannon and her husband, Justin Stroud, can also be seen standing proudly next to the granddaughter. 

Mama June’s emotional post

Everything looks pretty and happy, but that caption makes the audience feel emotional. Shannon wrote, “These are the times and moments I wish @annamarie35 was still here to help her get her dress and get her ready and all but @officialsmallz1 and her finds out how to do her hair like she wanted and she was excited to go to her first grownup dance but she has a piece of her mama with her around her neck at the dance I hope she has an amazing time she is her mama made over for real.” 

Fans also seemed emotional after reading the post. However, some were happy after looking at the grown Kaitlyn, Anna Marie Cardwell’s daughter. 

June Shared an emotional post regarding Anna Marie Cardwell
June Shared an emotional post regarding Anna Marie

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In addition, Stroud also shared a short video on Instagram in which he can be seen curling Kaitlyn’s hair. Stroud expressed similar emotions in his post and wrote, “These are the moments that I wish Anna Cardwell (annamarie35) was here for, but I know she is looking down smiling right now. I think we made her first middle school dance a success.” 

Where are Anna Cardwell’s other children?

Anna Marie Cardwell died on December 9, 2024 due to stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. In addition to Kaitlyn, Anna was also the mother of 8-year-old Kylee, whom she shares with her ex-husband Michael Marie Cardwell. 

Kylee is currently living with her biological father, Michael Cardwell. Kaitlyn’s father’s name has not been revealed yet. 

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