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Pauly Shore Cried All Night Because of Richard: Check details 
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Pauly Shore Cried All Night Because of Richard: Check details 

Pauly Shore is all set to portray Richard Simmons in his biopic. Though he believes that some people already think of him as Richard, the fitness industry disapproved of the project. In an emotional social media post, Pauly Shore disclosed that he cried all night because of Rechard’s decision. 

Jordan Allen-Dutton’s written biopic of Richard Simmons, which has neither been released nor is ready to release yet, is creating headlines. The movie is now in development at Warner Bros. subsidiary, the Wolper Organization. 

Pauly Shore Cried All Night Because of Richard: Check details 
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However, the recent updates regarding the project have disappointed Pauly Shore and the people associated with it. In a recent X, formally Twitter, post, the fitness expert disapproved of the project, claiming that he doesn’t know about any such project. Simmons also revealed that he is already in touch with some studios for the same project. 

After reading the disapproval, Pauly Shore requested that he at least listen to the story. According to Shore, he is the perfect choice for Richard’s biopic; people already think that he is Richard. 

In addition, Pauly Shore also shared that he wasn’t able to sleep the entire night after reading Richard. In a requesting tone, Pauly has asked the fitness trainer to hear the story first. 

What does Richard Simmons say? 

The fitness star, who has also been associated with many Hollywood projects, distances himself from the project. Richard states that he is not aware of the project, and he has not approved it at all. 

He wrote on X, formally known as Twitter, “I just read that a man that I don’t know is writing my biopic starring Pauly Shore.” While informing about his plans for a biopic with other studios, he added, “I do not approve of this movie. I am in talks with major studios to create my own bio pic with some help. Wait for this movie.” 

Pauly Shore Cried All Night Because of Richard: Check details 
Richard Simmons AI generated picture

He clearly mentioned that he does not agree with the project and he has some other plans for his biopic. 

Pauly Shore’s reaction 

Pauly Shore reacted to Richard Simmons’ disapproval. In a lengthy Instagram post, the actor highlighted many points regarding the project. He said that no one can play Simmons better than him. Simmon will love the movie after hearing the script. Shore requested that Richard at least hear the script. 

Pauly Shore also wrote that a legend like Richard deserves multiple biopics. If the fitness star is in talks with some other studios about the project, this is good news. 

The movie is currently in development at the Wolper Organization, which is a subsidiary of the acclaimed studio Warner Bros. 

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