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Many airlines are avoiding Iranian airspace; check why?
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Many airlines are avoiding Iranian airspace; check why?

The Middle East conflict, especially between Israel and some neighboring countries, has now become problematic for the world. Countries, including India, France, and Russia, have now decided to avoid Iranian airspace. 

They took the step to save their passengers and guests visiting the country. According to the countries avoiding Iranian airspace, flying through Iranian space can be dangerous. 

Speculation is widespread among nations globally that Iran may retaliate against Israel in response to a previous attack initiated by Israel.

Why can Iran attack Israel?

As per US President Joe Biden, there is concern that Iran could potentially target Israel “sooner rather than later.” This speculation is fueled by recent events, including an attack in Syria that resulted in the death of the Iranian consulate.

However, Israel does not accept that they made the attack, and Iran has solid doubts. Iran believes that Israel was the mastermind behind attacks in Syria. 

Since the US officials and President Biden also believe that Iran can retaliate, there must be some reasons. The airstrike is the most probable way of retaliation by Israel. This is why most big airlines worldwide avoid visiting Iranian airspace. 

Reasons behind Israel and Iran clashes 

The Israel and Palestine war is the main reason behind the clashes between Israel and Iran. Like most Muslim countries, Iran also considers the Israel-Palestine war a religious war and where it wants to stay with its religion. 

Iran backs Hamas and other groups, the Palestinian group fighting in Gaza. This is the main reason behind the Iran and Israel clashes. 

In contrast, the US supports Israel and is always ready to defend it. Recently, American President Joe Biden said, “We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel. We will help defend Israel, and Iran will not succeed.” 

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