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Sabrina Carpenter revealed memories of heartbreak
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Sabrina Carpenter revealed memories of heartbreak 

Sabrina Carpenter has talked about her first heartbreak and how she faced it. However, the singer is now happy with her new boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, she had very disturbing memories. 

Tail Girl star, Sabrina Carpenter has discussed some bad experiences of her life at Apple 1’s New Music Daily. The 24 year singer hinted her relationship with Better Nate Than Ever star Joshua Bassett. 

The singer stated, “I was heartbroken two years ago. I was in a really, really different mental place.” She continues, “For me, that was truly my first heartbreak. And so I think when you are going through something like that, you question everything about yourself, and you take it really personally. 

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Relationship with Joshua Bassett

Sabrina and Joshua were linked in 2020, and their rumored romance made headlines in 2021. However, in late 2021, Joshua and Carpenter announced that they had split. 

While memorizing her relationship trauma, Carpenter revealed that she began to question everything about herself to the extent that her confidence in navigating social situations without prioritizing others’ opinions over her own was shaken.

However, Joshua has not yet shared his memories regarding the separation. Both singers made some songs in which we can hear the pain they both had. 

They expressed their emotions through music. Basset’s 2021 EP exemplifies how deeply he was connected with Sabrina Carpenter. At the same time, Sabrina’s 2022 album, Emails I Can’t Send, shows the singer’s pain. 

Relationship with Barry Keoghan

Well, that was the past when Sabrina faced some very rough and tough days. The singer and actress is again happy and in a relationship with Barry Keoghan, an Irish actor. However, they don’t believe in taking their personal things in public, but they are happily living for sure. 

“They really took things slow at first, but the relationship is going strong,” a source told US Weekly. He added, “They are both very casual people and enjoy being low-key in downtime.” 

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