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Marcelle Provencial, Jon Scheyer
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Marcelle Provencial: Meet The Partner Of Jon Scheyer

Marcelle Provincial came to the spotlight after her marriage to Jon Scheyer. In the sports world, Jon is a well-known figure. For better clarification, you must know that he is an American-Israeli basketball coach who is the head coach of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Duke Blue Devils. In addition, he is the 2010 NCAA champion and has experience as a retired professional player.

On the other hand, Marcelle is a successful registered nurse with a focus on family nurture. Moreover, she is a loving mother of three children and a dedicated wife. She and Jon value privacy in spite of their public roles, striking a balance between their careers and families. Thus, you must go through this post if you’d like to learn more about her. 

Who is Marcelle Provencial?

Initially, we all must know that Marcelle Provencial is also known as Marcelle Scheyer. As the wife of well-known coach Jon Scheyer, we already knew that she attracted attention from the media. She has a distinguished career of her own, though. 

It is worth noting that she was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in July of 1987. 

Marcelle enjoyed a happy childhood in her own hometown. Her parents are Alberta Provincial and Russell Provincial, and her grandmother Maria Provencial, all sprung from an Italian family of olive producers. 

In terms of her educational history, Marcelle came from a diversified entrepreneurial family and attended Bellevue College of Nursing to complete her nursing studies. 

Her grandpa, Ernest Russell Provincial, was a hotelier, restaurant owner, and businessman. 

She also has two sisters, Michelle and Noelle Provencial.

Marcelle Provencial’s Outstanding Career

As we already know, Marcelle’s grandmother worked as a nurse. Her family’s long history in the medical industry is indicated by this very fact. 

Marcelle, the partner of Jon Scheyer, holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from FSU [Florida State University]. Marcelle Scheyer’s spouse, Jon Scheyer, received his Duke University degree in 2010.

He played collegiate basketball under the coaching of Mike Krzyzewski from 2006 to 2010.

Right now, she works as a registered nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, providing her knowledge to the Cardiac ICU. She has also worked in Rush University Medical Center’s medical ICU for the last ten years.

Relationship With Jon

We have to let you know that Marcelle and Jon, the two-time ACC Tournament champion, got married in May 2017. Their love story has blossomed since then. 

Their supporting partnership is a clear indication of their lasting happiness, even though their wedding details are kept confidential. As the pair marked five years of marriage, Noa Marie Scheyer, their first child, was born in January 2018. 

After a year, in August 2019, they welcomed their son, Jett James Scheyer, back into the world of motherhood. The family bonds are the biggest proof, with Job generally sharing heart-touching photos of their close-knit moments. 

Marcelle and Jon Scheyer are expecting their third child, and as their family grows, Noa and Jett are raised in a caring setting. The coach frequently shares on social media about the loving relationships between siblings, with Noa relishing her position as Jett’s older sister.

The net worth of Marcelle Provencial

Although the exact details of her net worth is unknown, being a registered nurse at the age of 36 suggests she has a high salary. Her spouse, Jon Scheyer, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $5 million.

About Jon Scheyer

On August 24, 1987, in Illinois, a state close to Chicago, Jon took her first breath. Scheyer is 36 years old and 6’5 ′′ tall as of right now.

He completed his graduation from Glenbrook North before being recruited to play basketball at Duke University. Scheyer is the head coach of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Duke Blue Devils, having formerly played basketball.

His mother is named Laury Scheyer, and his father is Jim Scheyer. From his school days, Jon has developed into a seasoned professional basketball player.

Jon’s career

Jon Scheyer has coached as well as played in his career. He played basketball at Duke University, where he excelled and helped the team win the NCAA in 2010. 

Scheyer, who was well-known for his leadership and scoring abilities, subsequently entered coaching, working first as the Duke Blue Devils’ assistant. He succeeded the late great Mike Krzyzewski as head coach in 2022. His methods and approach as a coach have improved the team’s performance and cemented his reputation in the basketball community.

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