Michael Landon “Spurred” Shannen Doherty’s Passion for Acting

Michael Landon "Spurred" Shannen Doherty's Passion for Acting

Shannen Doherty worked with Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie. The Beverly Hills actress credits Michael for shaping her career.

Little House on the Prairie actress Shannen Doherty considers the late Michael Landon the true motivation behind her career. Even after more than two decades, she feels Michael Landon’s influence in her life and career.

Shannen Doherty looks back to her early days in acting. In a recent podcast, the actress revealed how much she credits her Little House on the Prairie co-star, Michael Landon, for shaping her career.

During the podcast with her mother, Rosa Elizabeth, she talked about her first popular series and her bond with the co-star.

Little House Shaped My Career

Shannen Doherty said, “That show, Little House, shaped me in so many ways, and it still is the best experience of my entire career.” Doherty recalled her first popular series, which she did at the age of 11.

In the final season of Little House on the Prairie, the Charmed star played the character of Jenny Wilder. The final season was released in 1982-83.

In addition, Shannen spoke about her bond with co-star Michael Landon. “I adored him. He was a mentor. He taught me so much,” the actress said about Michael Landon.

Michael portrayed Charles Ingalls in the series. However, he died in 1991 due to pancreatic cancer. He was also known for his portrayals in Highway to HeavenBonanza, and Johnny Staccato.

Shannen Doherty Still Notices the Influence of Michael on Her

The actress revealed how working in Little House helped her throughout her career. It was Michael’s teachings that motivated her to keep working even after being part of toxic and unenjoyable shows.

“It’s kind of amazing because, when I think about the long span of my career, but also how rough some jobs were—and unenjoyable to be a part of, a little bit toxic,” the actress recalled the bad times of her career.

“It was really the experience on Little House that spurred that passion for being an actor,” Doherty highlighted the significance of Little House. “And it was having a mentor like Michael Landon—I don’t care what anybody else’s experience was like, I know the truth about that man, and he was just unbelievable,” she adored Michael.

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