Natasa Slams Divorce Rumors with Hardik Pandya, Calls for Empathy

Natasa Slams Divorce Rumors with Hardik Pandya, Calls for Empathy

Both Natasa and Hardik Pandya have not publicly confirmed their divorce. The model and actress addressed the ongoing speculation on social media over their relationship.

Actress, model, and wife of Indian star all-rounder Hardik Pandya has finally addressed the speculations about their divorce. Natasa Stankovic criticized those creating strange theories about her relationship with cricketer Hardik Pandya. 

Instead of discussing her relationship status, she focused on people’s habit of being judgmental. In an Instagram post, Natasa highlighted how people judge others without even knowing the facts. Additionally, she suggested the fans of both have some patience and empathy. 

Before the T20 World Cup, rumors about Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya’s divorce began circulating online. Initially, people dismissed it as a publicity stunt to recover from the reputation damage Hardik faced during the IPL. 

Natasa and Hardik with their son

However, the couple then unfollowed each other on social media and did not publicly appear together, even during the T20 World Cup. People were expecting a congratulatory message from Natasa to Hardik Pandya on the World Cup victory, but she did not wish him or share any social media posts.

Even some reputed news channels reported the rumors as facts. Some claimed that Natasa had asked for 70% of Hardik’s total property in alimony. At the same time, others added another layer by suggesting that Hardik had already transferred most of his property to his mother.

What Does Natasa Say About the Rumors?

Natasa Stankovic addressed the rumors in an Instagram post, saying, “Sitting here and having my coffee, just had a random thought. As people, how quick are we in judging?” She continued, “We see someone who is acting out of their character. We don’t slow down, we don’t observe, and we have no empathy. We jump straight into judging.”

Natasa emphasized the importance of understanding and empathy, stating, “We don’t know what has happened, what is behind the whole thing, the whole act, the whole situation. So let’s be less judgmental, observe more, have more empathy, and be patient with people.”

Are Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic Still Together?

Currently, it’s difficult to say for certain, as neither Natasa nor Hardik has provided any clarification about their relationship status. Tracking their relationship history, the last couple of months have been quite unusual, indicating that everything might not be okay between them.

Considering Natasa’s recent statement, it seems most of the speculations on the internet are likely incorrect. It’s possible that Natasa’s comments were aimed at those accusing her of seeking a divorce for financial gain.

Given that Natasa comes from a wealthy family, it seems unlikely that she would act purely for monetary reasons. Therefore, it’s best to avoid jumping to conclusions and wait for an official confirmation from the couple.

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