Brixton Motorcycles to Launch Grand Bike Series in India

Brixton Motorcycles to Launch Grand Bike Series in India

Brixton Motorcycles, an Austrian company, is ready to hit the Indian market. The company is known for launching bikes in different series with the blend of Royal Enfield’s power and Yamaha’s looks. 

Another Austrian motorcycle company is set to captivate Indian bike enthusiasts. Following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Austria, Brixton Motorcycles has expressed interest in entering the Indian market. However, KTM, another Austrian bike company, has already been established in India through a collaboration with Bajaj.

According to reports, Brixton Motorcycles is renowned for producing superior bikes compared to KTM. The company specializes in crafting motorcycles with Yamaha-like aesthetics and Royal Enfield-like power. Brixton Motorcycles are also noted for their high mileage and affordability.

Brixton Motorcycles understands India’s importance in the global economy. Bikes are more than just vehicles; they’re emotions for Indians. Seeing KTM’s success, Brixton has decided to launch its bikes in India.

Which bikes will Brixton launch in India? 

According to News 24, Brixton Motorcycles plans to debut at least four models in India. The outlet did not disclose the specific names of these motorcycles, but insiders have hinted at potential names for the Indian market.

Brixton Cromwell 125

The company is considering launching the Cromwell 125 CC as an entry-level bike from their series. Resembling the Yamaha Rx 100 in appearance, the Cromwell 125 will be available in three colors: Backstage Black/Titan Black, Timberwolf Grey (glossy), and Submarine Yellow.

Brixton Cromwell 125
Brixton Cromwell 125 and 150

Additionally, the company may also launch Cromwell 250 from the series. Both motorcycles are almost the same in terms of appearances. 

Felsberg 125 

Felsberg 125 
Felsberg 125 by Brixton

Another potential launch from Brixton in India could be the Felsberg 125. This model rivals Yamaha in both aesthetics and comfort. It will be offered in several colors, including Cargo Green, Timberwolf Grey, and Backstage Black.


Sunray bike from Brixton
Sunray Model

Another successful variant from Brixton bikes may hit the market with 125 CC power. This motorcycle is available in a single color and has an impressive design. Sunray is equipped with super smart tools like a digital speedometer, electronic fuel injection, and more. 

Crossfire Series 

Crossfire Series Bikes
Crossfire Series by Brixton Motorcyles

It is another probable name that India can welcome in the coming months. In terms of look and color, the Crossfire series will directly compete with the Hunter series. 

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