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Orlando Bloom Reveals the Secret of Strong bond with Perry
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Orlando Bloom Reveals the Secret of Strong bond with Perry 

During an appearance on Thursday’s What Now podcast with Trevor Noah, Orlando Bloom talked about his bond with Katy Perry. He revealed the reason why Orlando fell in love with Perry. 

Orlando Bloom Reveals the Secret of Strong bond with Perry
Orlando and Katy Perry Generated Pic

The Gran Turismo star appeared on the What New podcast with Trevor Noah on Thursday, April 18. The actor talked on many topics, like the candid moments he shares with Perry in Orlando Bloom: To The Edge, a recent series. 

The actor who engaged with Katy Perry in 2019 and shares a daughter with the pop star shared what he loves about Perry. 

When the host commented on their personal life, Bloom responded, “I think one of the things I fell in love with Katy was, she hates when I say this, so I have to word it carefully, but her music was everywhere, right?” 

Orlando added, “When I came up, it was just on every radio station, but I was not conscious of (it) was not what I was listening to, but I fell in love with Katheryn (Katy Perry), this girl from Santa Barbara. And by the way, parents, pastors, living on food stamps.” 

Orlando and Katy Perry Generated Pic

Bond Between Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry 

While talking about his relationship with Katy, Bloom said, “We both have an understanding of where we came from, what we worked to do, what we had to do to get where we got to.” Since both understand each other, their bond is unbreakable. 

Bloom says, “I would not change it for anything, even when sometimes it feels like, how do we do this? Because we have got these two giant careers and lives, and here is even, you know. It is like a universe sometimes.” 

Katy and Orlando Bloom’s relationship 

According to reports, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom first met at a Golden Globes party in 2016. The entertainment kings got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2019. Although they have not married yet, the couple shares a beautiful daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom. 

In addition to Daisy, Orlando also has a son, Flynn, from his ex-wife Miranda Kerr

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