RCB vs KKR: Another Defeat For RCB in IPL 2024

RCB vs KKR: Another Defeat For RCB in IPL 2024

They are all-time favorites, and they have the second Sachin of Cricket. Yet they are struggling. Yes, it’s RCB who has lost another battle in the RCB vs. KKR match. 

The RCB bosses have made weird choices for the past 17 years. Even though they have great batsmen like Virat Kohli, Maxwell, and ABD, they still have not won any trophies. And their bowling has always been a problem, but they don’t seem to want to fix it.

Kohli played amazingly well tonight, shutting up his haters with his bat. But sadly, it did not matter because the team lost the match by seven wickets with almost three overs left. It’s just frustrating to see the same old story repeating over and over again. When will they finally sort things out?


RCB lost their second match out of all three matches they played in IPL 2024. With the support of a fantabulous knock by Virat Kohli, Bengaluru set a good score on the board in RCB vs KKR.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru set Kolkata Knight Riders a competitive target of 183 runs. Despite the netizens’ expectations for a good battle between KKR and RCB, Kolkata won the match easily in just 16.5 overs. 

Virat Kohli played 83 run innings after facing 59 balls. He smashed four sky-high sixes and four boundaries to answer people who think Virat is not a good fit for the T20 World Cup. Green, Maxwell, and Karthik supported him well with their 20+ runs innings. 

KKR won the battle with the powerful innings of Sunil Narine, Venkatesh Iyer, and skipper Shreyas Iyer. All KKR batsmen played with over 150 strike rate to win RCB vs KKR in just 16.5 overs. 

V. Iyer played a fast innings of 50 runs at just 30 balls. He smashed 4 sixes and 3 fours in his match winning innings. Sunil Narine proven the real giant for RCB and scored 47 runs at just 22 ball. 

RCB vs KKR Match Summary 

RCB and KKR were facing off in the 10th match of Indian Premier League 2024 at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. KKR captain Shreyas Iyer won the toss and was elected to play ball first. 

KKR got a good bowling start when they dismissed dangerous RCB skipper Faf du Plessis. Faf scored only 8. With Kohli’s 83 runs innings and Green and Maxwell’s supportive roles, RCB reached 182 and gave KKR a target of 183 runs. 

Philip Salt and Sunil Narine gave KKR a solid start, building an 86-run partnership that exposed RCB’s bowling. Salt played a 30-run innings, while Narine scored 47 runs. Iyer and Iyer (Venkatesh and Shreyas) gave the innings a final touch and won the match in less than 17 overs. 

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