Ryan Bingham Married Hassie Harrison After Proposing Twice: Here’s Why

Ryan Bingham Married Hassie Harrison After Proposing Twice: Here’s Why

Yellowstone stars Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison tied the knot recently. The couple confirmed the news on May 29 during an interview with Vogue.

Ryan, 43, and Harrison, 34, married at Hassie’s family residence in Texas. The couple had been planning their wedding since 2023 after Ryan Bingham proposed twice consecutively. They decided to tie the knot at Hassie’s family home in Dallas to create a private and intimate celebration reflecting their Texan roots.

How Did Ryan and Hassie Harrison Meet?

Although many believe the pair met on the sets of Yellowstone and got into a relationship, this is not entirely true. Hassie’s mother introduced them.

While it is a fact that Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison first met on the Yellowstone set, where their characters were also romantically linked, there was nothing special between them in real life initially. Hassie says, “Our story is thanks to my mom.” She explained, “She (Hassie’s mom) and Ryan met by chance through a mutual friend at a charity event in Dallas during a production break. They got to talking and discovered just how many Texas-based friends and acquaintances we had in common.”

Harrison mentioned that her mom encouraged Ryan to call her: “She encouraged Ryan to give me a call.” Once they met, the relationship started soon.

Ryan Proposed to Hassie Twice

Ryan made two proposals before planning for the dream wedding. This does not mean Hassie Harrison rejected Ryan’s first proposal. Ryan made the first proposal at home very quietly, while the second proposal involved some wine and a ring.

“Ryan had been unusually quiet all night, and I could see he was visibly nervous, which was out of character for him,” Hassie recalled on the night of the first proposal. “Then, out of nowhere, he broke the silence and said, ‘I want to ask you to marry me, but only if you say yes.’” Hassie explained how he proposed while talking to Vogue.

In response to Ryan’s proposal, she simply said, “Yes, I would.” Ryan Bingham then sought her dad’s blessing.

After a couple of days, Ryan surprised Hassie with a second, more formal proposal over wine and one of his famous steak dinners and with a ring. Hassie says, “It was a night that captured everything right, effortless, and genuinely beautiful about what we love most about one another and the relationship we have built together.”

Viral Infos sends its heartfelt congratulations to the couple.

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