Sean Diddy Combs Assaulted Cassie Ventura: Watch Video 

Sean Diddy Combs Assaulted Cassie Ventura: Watch Video 

CNN obtained an exclusive surveillance video of 2016. In the video, rapper, and producer Sean Diddy Combs can be seen brutally assaulting former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. 

Artificial principles cannot hide the truth, and fragrance can never come from paper flowers. This is what happened in the case of Sean Diddy Combs and Cassie Ventura’s strife. 

Although the case was closed after some compromise between the two parties, a recent video obtained by CNN revealed the truth behind the celebrity dispute. Since the reputed channel has already confirmed the video based on the location, we can say that Sean Diddy Combs brutally assaulted his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura.

The video showcases everything that Ventura mentioned in her now-settled federal lawsuit. 

The footage, compiled from several cameras in the InterContinental Hotel (closed now) on March 5, 2016, appears to show the rapper assaulting Cassie Ventura. Diddy not only grabs her neck and throws her on the floor but can also be seen attacking her with kicks.

What is in the Video? 

In the video, Cassie Ventura can be seen exiting a hotel room and walking to a bank of elevators. Combs can be seen on camera running after Ventura. In the video obtained, Combs is seen running, holding his towel on his stomach. 

He immediately grabs Ventura by the neck and throws her to the floor. The rapper then kicks Ventura with the towel in his hands. Sean Diddy Combs also tries to pick up the purse lying on the floor. However, he again backed Cassie Ventura and kicked her twice. 

Combs is not satisfied with this either, crosses the limits of cruelty, and starts dragging Ventura to the floor. After a few seconds, after getting released from the rapper, the female singer gets up slowly and makes a phone call using the hotel landline. 

Combs returns and shoves Ventura. He then sits down on a chair, grabs an object, and forcefully throws it toward Ventura. The video ends with the entry of a third person from the elevator. 

What do Ventura and Combs say regarding the video?

Ventura has denied speaking about anything from the video CNN obtained. It may be because of some agreement between her and Sean Diddy Combs. However, Ventura explained everything that happened in her lawsuit. The video portrays all she said about eight years ago. 

We are reaching out to Combs to understand his stance on the viral video. However, he has already denied all the allegations during the trials. 

This is not the only case in which Sean Diddy Combs is involved. He is currently facing multiple similar cases. 

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