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Senate Passes TikTok Ban Bill Amid Chinese Warnings
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Senate Passes TikTok Ban Bill Amid Chinese Warnings 

President Biden agrees to sign the TikTok ban bill that was recently passed in the Senate. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has already termed it as an act of bullying. 

Senate Passes TikTok Ban Bill Amid Chinese Warnings
Senate Passes TikTok Ban Bill

The United States Senate voted to approve a bill that would ban Chinese app TikTok if the mother company did not sell its stakes to the US company. As per the reports, the bill has already been passed by the Senate members and is now on the President’s table. 

A supporter of the TikTok divest-or-ban measure said that the President will surely sign the bill and convert it into a law. 

Why does the Senate introduce the bill?

The bill, passed by 79-18 votes on Saturday, was introduced to end China’s ownership of the app, TikTok, used in America. Senate members were very concerned about Chinese ownership. According to the experts, lawmakers have taken this step to eliminate the potential threat of privacy breaches due to the app.

In addition, the US thinks that short video apps can serve anti-national or wrong content to users. This will ultimately result in soft brainwashing and misleading. 

Is the bane the only option?

No, actually, it is the last option given by United States lawmakers. The Senate has given ByteDance the option to sell the stakes to an American company. If the company does not agree to sell its major stakes, the US will be forced to ban the app nationwide. 

The concerned persons have not revealed any particular name to whom TikTok can sell itself. At the same time, China is also not looking in the mood to sell its stakes to America. 

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Senate Passes TikTok Ban Bill Amid Chinese Warnings
Senate Passes TikTok Ban Bill Amid Chinese Warnings 

What will China or ByteDance do now?

As far as the Chinese government is concerned, they have already termed America’s action an act of bullying. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has already said that the US will face consequences if they ban the app. 

Michael Beckerman, TikTok’s head of public policy for the Americans, wrote in a memo, “TikTok will file a legal challenge once the bill is signed into law.” 

Michael believes the law is a start, not the end of their clashes. “This is the beginning, not the end of this long process.” 

What is TikTok and ByteDance?

If you are a US resident, this question is nothing more than a waste of time. You all know that TikTok is a Chinese short video app. The application serves a platform for creators to showcase their talents through short videos. While it is a source of entertainment for normal people.

ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok, which is based in China. 

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