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shooting at Iowa High School
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Several students injured in shooting at Iowa high school 

Many students got injured in the shooting at Iowa High School in the US. The Dallas County Sheriff’s staff has confirmed the news of a shooting at the High School. 

Recent updates and a press conference by Lowa police officials have confirmed that a shootout has taken place on January 4. During the press conference, officials confirmed that there was an active shooting at Iowa high school. 

According to the BBC report, police received information about firing at Perry High School and Middle School at around 7:40 am on January 4. Police reached the spot just 7 minutes after receiving the information. 

How many students got injured in the shooting at Iowa high school?

Some students and school staff were injured in the shooting, according to an Iowa police press conference. However, they did not release any official numbers. Officials claimed that since the school had not yet opened, casualties were minimal. However, the media is estimating more people injured than announced.

Also, there are no clear reports of any deaths with the gunshots. The number of ambulances near the high school indicates a high chance of big casualties. 

The shooter has been identified. 

Iowa police have identified the shooter and the main accused of the entire accident. However, due to some internal reasons, the identity of the shooter has not been revealed yet. Police have shared no details about the shooter and his purpose of shooting. 

According to the police, there is no further danger to the public in the school or nearby. The FBI agents are there on the scene and operating the activities. 

The rest of the information regarding the shooting in Iowa High School will be released in the next press conference. 

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