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Steve Burton finalized divorce
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Steve Burton Finalized Divorce from Sheree

General Hospital fame actor Steve Burton has taken the important decision to divorce his wife after two years of separation. Steve Burton finalized divorce from Sherry Gustin on Wednesday, more than a year after filing to end the marriage.

In May 2022, actor Steve Burton filed for divorce from his wife of 23 years, Sherry Burton. The divorce was based on his accusations of Sheree’s alleged affair and doubts about the paternity of their fourth child. After a legal process lasting over 18 months, the court accepted Burton’s appeal, officially ending their marriage. Recent reports confirm that Sheree and Burton are now divorced.

Settlement Report of Steve Burton and Sheree

As reported by Fox News Digital, Steve and Sheree have reached a mutual agreement to share both legal and physical custody of their minor children. This arrangement entails joint responsibility for the upbringing, care, and sustenance of their children, with both parents actively participating in these aspects on a rotating basis. 

However, Burton will have to pay his ex-wife $12.500 per month until April. After April, the monthly payments will be reduced to $10,000. In addition, the husband, Steve Burton, will also pay $50,000 as retroactive support to his wife, Sheree. 

When were Steve Burton and Sheree married? 

Steve Burton and Sheree officially became husband and wife in 1999. Before that, they met each other on the set of General Hospital. They lived a happy married life for almost 23 years before Burton filed for divorce. 

Steve Burton and Sheree share three children together: Jack, Brooklyn, and Makena. Notably, when Burton initiated the divorce, or Steve Burton finalized divorce Sheree was pregnant with their fourth child, Izabella. Burton has asserted that he is not the biological father of Izabella, leading to the complexities surrounding their divorce proceedings.

Who is the father of Sheree’s fourth baby?

After Steve Burton appealed for divorce, Sheree gave birth to a baby girl named Izabella. The identity of Izabella’s father remains undisclosed, as Steve Burton has not acknowledged paternity. Consequently, Izabella’s biological father is not publicly known. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that Sheree is presently expecting her fifth child.

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