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Switzerland Wins the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest
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Switzerland Wins the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest came to a close amidst several controversies and a notable disqualification, with Switzerland emerging victorious. Nemo, representing Switzerland, clinched the title with his performance, marking a significant win for his country.

Nemo secured a total of 591 points, edging out Croatia by a margin of 44 points. National jury awarded the highest score to Nemo’s performance, contributing 365 points to his victory. However, Croatia’s entrant, Baby Lasagna, garnered substantial support from the public vote, injecting suspense into the finale.

Nemo Speech

In a field comprising thirty-seven participants from around the globe, Switzerland’s Nemo Mattler triumphed with his rendition of his popular song, “The Code.”

Reflecting on his victory, Nemo expressed his mixed emotions, revealing his disappointment during the performance due to the myriad controversies that marred the lead-up to the show. He remarked, “I have to say this whole experience was really intense, and not just pleasant all the way.”

Nemo also addressed the controversies directly, lamenting that amidst the challenges, there were moments of genuine love and unity. He expressed his gratitude to the people joining the event and giving him so much love.

Controversies at Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 was not without its share of controversies. Despite the organizers’ efforts, the event faced disruptions, including pro-Palestinian protests and onstage discussions about peace and other agendas. Additionally, several jury members resigned during the event.

Furthermore, a participant from the Netherlands was disqualified due to misconduct, adding another layer of contention. Moreover, there were protests against the participation of an Israeli singer, underscoring the geopolitical tensions surrounding the event.

Overall, Switzerland’s victory in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest stands as a testament to Nemo Mattler’s talent and resilience amid a backdrop of controversy and competition.

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