Tips to Impress Your Partner this Valentine’s Week

Tips to Impress Your Partner this Valentine’s Week

This Valentine’s Week, follow these tips to impress your partner and express your feelings. Do not wait; it may be too late!

Valentine’s Week is the best opportunity to impress your partner with love. From expressing your feelings with your crush to a romantic kiss, hug, or proposal, this week gives you all the opportunities. People celebrate this season of love with a lot of gifts, physical relations, and emotional hugs. 

It brings a series of romantic days that lovers use to enthrall their partners and strengthen their bond. Let us see which dates are fixed for which romantic impressions in Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s week starts on Feb 7 and lasts till the 14th of the same month. 

Rose Day (Fab 7)

Rose Day Special
Rose Day

Valentine’s week starts with an emotion-packed, beautiful, and loveable rose. Lovers exchange a red rose on this day to express their feelings with their partner. Not only lovers, new relationships also kickstart on the Rose Day by just giving and accepting a red rose. 

Tips to Impress Your Partner on Rose Day

Everyone can buy roses from roadside vendors; it is very easy. Don’t do this; make some effort and arrange a fresh rose from the garden.

The rose is not a big deal, nor is it very important. What is important is your efforts to arrange that rose and deliver it safely to your partner. So, don’t just give a rose; create a story of challenges as well. 

Starting a relationship is also possible today just by giving a red rose. However, if you are not sure how he/she will react, do it in private. 

Propose Day (Fab 8)

Propose Day Special
Propose Day

The best day for lovers who have not expressed their feelings yet. The proposed day is the best opportunity to reveal your feelings to someone you love. It is also a day for lovers to propose to their partners for marriage. 

Tips for the Propose Day

Proposing your love is a risky but most important task for your romantic relationship. If you take too much time to propose, it may be too late, and if you express it without proper planning, it may be the end. So, do proper planning before expressing your love. 

If you are sure about your crush’s reaction, do it in public with a lot of decorations and romantic vibes. If not sure how she will react, it is better to first propose in private, and if it is positive, then celebrate it in public. 

Prepare some lines to propose to your partner, and these lines must be your own. Indicate your emotions in words. 

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Chocolate Day (Feb 9)

Chocolate Day Special
Chocolate Day

It’s a myth that boys don’t like chocolate; they do. So, Chocolate Day is for both girls and boys. Chocolate Day is the best opportunity to impress your partner with affordable chocolate and a lot of love. 

Tips for Chocolate Day 

There are not so many brand-new tips to impress your partner on Chocolate Day. Just be on time, and do not send it via someone else if it is possible to give it personally. 

Money is not important, every partner says. However, every girl or boy wants their partner to do something beyond the limits for them. So, choose an expensive chocolate for your girl or boy. 

Sharing is always caring. Even if you have two or more chocolates, If both eat the same chocolate, love will blossom.

Teddy Day (Fab 10)

Teddy Day Special
Teddy Day

It is the day to give a teddy bear to your partner. Even a small teddy brings a lot of smiles to your partner’s face, so give it for sure. 


Well, there is nothing big to do with the teddy bear; you can show some art with a note with your gift. 

Promise Day (Fab 11)

Promise Day is another occasion to strengthen your relationship. Promise what he or she always wants and what is possible for you to promise. Your promise to be always with him, her is the best! 

Hug Day (Fab 12)

A gentle and emotional hug may take your relationship to the next level. It shows how emotionally you are connected with your love and how important they are to you.

Kiss Day (Fab 13) 

Kiss Day Special
Kiss Day

Your kiss on the Fab must be something more than the usual kisses. Be clean and be romantic while kissing your partner. 

Valentine’s Day (Fab 14) 

It is the finale of Valentine’s week. You may shift to a physical relationship if your partner is okay. But don’t rush; invest time in making memories in your partner’s style if he or she is not okay with the physical relationship. 

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