Top 10 Songs of Robert Johnson, First One is an evergreen 

Top 10 Songs of Robert Johnson

The best success anyone can achieve is that people remember him even after his death. However, this is also linked to the saddest aspect of fame, that people recognize you when you are no more, while they don’t even appreciate your work when you were alive. 

Robert Johnson was someone who did great things and even changed the entire industry with his songs. Although he received a lot of love from the audience, when he was alive, he was not as popular as he was after his death. 

Despite writing and performing some of the most famous songs and great guitar work, Robert died anonymously at a young age. Let’s check the top 10 songs performed by Robert Johnson. 

  1. Cross Road Blue

Cross Road Blue is one of the iconic songs sung by the legendary Robert Johnson. However, even though the song was released in 1936, people still love to hear Cross Road Blue. 

  1. Last Fair Deal Gone Down

“Last Fair Deal Gone Down,” released in 1937, resonated deeply with audiences, captivating them with its poignant tale of betrayal and adversity. In the song, Johnson confronts the repercussions of his choices and embarks on a quest for redemption, grappling with the elusive nature of salvation.

  1. Traveling Riverside Blues

This was one of the most popular songs by Robert Johnson and took his fame to the next level. “Traveling Riverside Blues” was the song that better introduced Johnson’s guitar-playing skills. The song was launched in 1937 and went viral for a couple of years. 

  1. Drunken Hearted Man

This song became the best song of Robert Johnson in 1937 after its release. His guitar skills once again make people his fans. 

  1. They are Red Hot

“They’re Red Hot” serves as a vibrant testament to Robert Johnson’s versatility and infectious energy. Recorded in 1936, this lively track highlights Johnson’s playful demeanor, delivering a spirited performance brimming with wit and charm.

6. Hellhound on My Trail 

7. Kind Hearted Woman Blues

8. I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom

9. Me and The Devil 

10. Sweet Home Chicago 

Certain other songs by Robert Johnson were also very popular, and you can enjoy them on different platforms, including YouTube

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