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France becomes the first country to make abortion a legal right
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France becomes the first country to make abortion a legal right

Several human rights organizations and intellectuals have been opposing abortion for decades. In general opinion, abortion is a heinous crime that kills a baby even when he is not in the real world. 

Most of the time, abortion is a socially and morally wrong practice for almost the entire world. However, the lawmakers in France have not only justified it but have considered it to be a constitutional right. 

Yes, France has become the first country to include abortion in the list of constitutional rights. However, many human rights and child rights organizations criticize this newly added constitutional change.

The lower and upper houses of France’s Parliament have given the green signal to this weird right in the country. The right got space in the French constitution with the support of three-fifths majority votes. However, 72 members also opposed the constitutional change. 

According to Times of India, “President Emmanuel Macron praised the decision and claimed it was a universal message.” 

What is abortion?

Abortion is a contentious issue worldwide, involving the termination of a pregnancy through medical procedures or the use of medication. It occurs for various reasons, often influenced by complex personal, medical, or socio-economic factors. When a pregnant individual seeks the assistance of a healthcare provider or utilizes pharmaceutical products to end the life of the developing fetus within the womb, it is commonly referred to as abortion.

The act of terminating a pregnancy without the birth of the child is widely regarded as a criminal offense in many countries across the globe. Regrettably, some individuals resort to abortion for reasons rooted in gender bias. In instances where the desired gender of the unborn child does not align with the expectations or preferences of the parents, they may choose to terminate the pregnancy. 

As for France, it is uncertain whether the country has implemented any specific regulations or restrictions regarding the newly added rights.

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