Twitter down: Tweets Disappear due to Technical Issues

Twitter down

Twitter down has impacted both mobile and desktop users and raised a big issue for the company. Let’s check the complete update.

The microblogging site X, commonly recognized as Twitter, is currently making waves across various social media platforms. This influential trendsetter found itself at the center of attention due to a technical glitch that occurred around 11 am on Thursday morning.

During this incident, tweets vanished from both the website and the mobile application, with the platform displaying a message that read, “Welcome to your timeline” instead of the usual tweet content.

Experts have attributed the platform’s inaccessibility to a technical error, rendering it unavailable for users. According to the Downdetector, approximately 70,000 reports related to the Twitter outage have been recorded. Despite the significant impact on user experience, the precise cause of the downtime remains unclear, and the company has not issued an official statement addressing the situation.

Twitter is down on Facebook

In the aftermath of the glitch, numerous individuals sought assistance on Facebook to regain access to their X accounts. Concerned users expressed their issues on the platform with posts like, “Please, anyone using X/Twitter, it seems the app is not working. Can someone help me confirm?” Another user stated, “My fellow Twitter users and I are resorting to Facebook.”

The downtime also became an opportunity for meme creators to showcase their skills. Memers took to various channels to share their thoughts on X being down through humorous and creative memes.

Is it first time?

X, formerly known as Twitter, has encountered downtime multiple times in 2023, making December the third incident of such disruptions. The platform faced its first outage in March, followed by another instance of downtime in July. This recurring issue highlights the platform’s challenges in maintaining consistent service throughout the year.

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