Dunki Movie Review: SRK in Rajkumar Hirani’s Universe 

Dunki Movie Review

In the Dunki movie review, Rajkumar Hirani undeniably takes the spotlight. While SRK and Vicky Kaushal deliver commendable performances, Hirani’s direction truly steals the hearts.

Rajkumar Hirani directed Shahrukh Khan’s Starer Dunki, which was released in cinemas on December 21. After Jawan and Pathaan, Dunki is the third SRK movie, which will be released in 2023. Since Jawan and Pathaan have already shown record-breaking performances, fans were very eager to watch Dunki. 

The year 2023 has proved to be a golden period for the Bollywood film industry, with Shah Rukh and Vicky Kaushal receiving especially great praise. Both the actors have received widespread praise from both fans and critics. Now, let’s see if Dunki has contributed to the continued success of these stars or not.

Dunki movie honest review

Dunki portrays the story of Hardy Singh, played by SRK, and his friends, who dream of being in London one day. Despite their deep Indian ties, whenever Shahrukh and Vicky Kaushal get anything related to London, they show remarkable enthusiasm. The bunch starts searching for ways to go to London and enjoy everything that they want. 

Hirani skillfully portrays their visa application endeavors in a humorous yet captivating manner. It made Vicky Kaushal’s performance during this phase thoroughly enjoyable. Despite their sincere efforts to learn English and obtain a visa through the proper channels, they find themselves facing disappointing outcomes from the relevant authorities. 

Undeterred, the group makes a bold decision to embark on their journey to London via the unconventional and risky Dunki way—a term referring to entering a country without a visa or passport, essentially taking an unconventional and potentially illegal route.

A tragic incident serves as a poignant catalyst, intensifying their resolve to visit London and abruptly steering the movie in a new direction. Hirani skillfully unfolds the narrative of individuals leaving their homes for the sake of feeding their homes and deeply resonates with the audience’s emotions. 

The writing, as an additional asset, enhances SRK’s already impressive range of acting skills. The supporting cast, too, is given ample screen time to showcase their talents, and they execute their roles with precision and skill.

Positives of movie

While the Dunki movie review could be brimming with positivity, here are a few highlights:

Way of storytelling: As always, Rajkumar Hirani has showcased his directorial skills in Dunky. While it may not reach the heights of 3 Idiots or PK, the film manages to strike a chord with every viewer in the hall. Without relying on heavy VFX or lavish sets, Dunky delivers its message effectively, keeping the audience engaged through the strength of Hirani’s direction alone.

Writing and Performance: All the cast, from SRK to Vicky, did a tremendous job in the movie, and the writers complimented them. It is the writing that manages to level up the movie even when there are no big action scenes. 

Music: The music and background score of the movie are also pretty good and give a good experience. 

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