Two killed in attack in Syria: Local channels blame Israel

attack in Syria

According to local channels, at least two people have died in another air attack in Syria. Although local channels are blaming Israel for the attack, Israel has not yet announced anything officially.

According to reports, the Israeli attack targeted the neighborhood of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Several missiles hit a ten-story residential building in the Kfar Sousa district on Wednesday, according to a local who witnessed the attack. 

As per recent reports, the missile attack in Syria has killed at least two people. However, the identity of dead people has not been revealed yet. The strike has destroyed several cars in the nearby parking area. 

An empty bus parked near Al-Bawadar Private School was also damaged in the attack. According to the Times of India report, the school was going on when the blast took place, and people were seen running to take their children back home.

Official Statements 

Rami Abdurrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based opposition war monitor, said it has recognized the attack. He informed media persons that two were killed inside the apartment. However, he did not disclose the identities of the killed people. 

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Rami also added that the strike was similar to last month’s killing in Beirut of Saleh Arouri, a top official with the militant Palestinian Hamas group. 

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