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Uniq’s Member Sungjoo Apologized to fans

The fans adore Sungjoo and want to know every aspect of his life. Sungjoo himself also calls his listeners a part of his family. However, this time, the Uniq’s member Sungjoo has asked for forgiveness from his own family.

However, his apology shows that Sungjoo cares about and values his fans. Actually, he apologized to his audience for hiding the accidentally revealed truth. 

Until now, the Uniq’s member Sungjoo had kept his marriage and child hidden like a secret. However, a recent viral audio clip exposed his secret. 

During a broadcast, he played an audio message from his group member Wenhan. In the clip, Wenhan was asking about his son, “Is your son sleeping right now? Tell him to quickly come and hug his uncle.” Sungjoo stopped the clip quickly. However, the rumors about his marriage and son soon went viral. 

Sungjoo statement

After the video went viral, fans started talking and questioning his marital status; Sungjoo himself confirmed the rumors with an apology. According to koreanboo,

“I apologize for having recently surprised many people with the sudden news on online communities and social media, as well as for not having been able to present myself honestly. Although I wanted to quickly convey the news to the fans who always give me their support and love, I was unable to tell you because it was a situation where I was being cautious.” He added, “Even though I’m late, I’m telling you honestly, and I will walk beautifully forward into the future with my precious family as a diligent father and husband.” 

Now, after the apology came from Uniq’s member Sungjoo, fans are sending their mixed reactions on social media. Together with the fans, Viral Infos also wishes him a very happy married life. 

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