Villagers Tear Open Python’s Stomach, Make Shocking Discovery

Villagers Tear Open Python's Stomach, Make Shocking Discovery

Locals found the dead body of the missing woman inside a 16-foot python’s stomach, along with her clothes. For the last couple of years, these incidents have become regular in the villages of Indonesia. 

Farida, a 45-year-old woman, was found dead inside the stomach of a 16-foot (about 5-meter) long Python. The Python swallowed her whole about 12 hours before the locals found her body. 

A shocking incident came to light in Kalempang Village in South Sulawesi Province. According to the villagers, a 45-year-old woman went missing yesterday. She went outside for some work but did not come back. 

Farida’s husband found her belongings, which made him suspicious, so he started searching for her with some villagers. The village head, Suardi, said that the locals spotted a long Python with a large belly while searching for Farida. 

Suardi added, “They (locals) agreed to cup open the Python’s stomach. As soon as they did, Farida’s head was immediately visible.” The locals claimed that Farida, mother of four, was found fully clothed inside the snake. 

Python’s Video, Credit Morbid Knowledge, X

NDTV reports that it was not the first accident in Indonesia when a Python swallowed a resident. Previously, in some incidents, people have found someone’s dead body in Python’s stomach. 

Last year, in Southeast Sulawesi’s Tinanggea, some farmers killed a Python when he was swallowing a farmer. Similarly, in 2018, a 54-year-old lady was found dead inside a Python’s stomach. 

How do Pythons kill and swallow their prey?

The way a Python kills a human may vary based on the situation and the individual’s efforts. However, Pythons mostly give their prey a hug of death. According to a report by USA Today, Pythons, the longest living species of snake in the world, coil around their prey and squeeze them until they are dead. 

People wonder if there might be some chance of life if the Pythons swallow the human as a whole. However, the bitter truth is that they do not directly swallow the victim. Firstly, Pythons grab the prey and coil around until the prey is dead. 

Cornell Professor Dr Harry W. Greene says, “Death comes quickly.” Dr adds, “It would be extremely difficult for me to save my life without help. It wouldn’t take very long, and it would be awful.” 

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