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Watch Olivia Rodrigo and Gwen Stefani's Performance
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Watch Olivia Rodrigo and Gwen Stefani’s Performance 

On the second night of the annual Los Angeles music festival, Olivia Rodrigo and Gwen Stefani came together. They shared the main stage of Coachella for the first time in history and performed “Bathwater.” 

For the eighth song of their set, the SoCal ska-pop band invited Olivia Rodrigo on stage as a special guest. Olivia Rodrigo and Gwen Stefani performed Bathwater from the 2000 album Return of Saturn. 

During the performance, Rodrigo wore a tank top emblazoned with “I <3 ND,” catching the audience’s attention. It’s likely that “ND” stands for “No Doubt,” indicating Rodrigo’s admiration for the band, possibly even hinting at a collaboration or affiliation. 

At the end of their performance, both artists hugged each other and left the stage with great love. 

Olivia on Gwen Stefani 

Olivia Rodrigo has also appreciated Gwen previously. She believes Gwen Stefani is the true source of inspiration who has always broken boundaries. 

She said, “Gwen’s ability to evolve and explore different types of music, songwriting, and aesthetics while still remaining true to herself is incredibly inspiring.” She added, “She is a prime example of an artist who defies stereotypes and preconceived boundaries and just makes stuff that she thinks is cool.” 

Olivia Rodrigo believes that if this lady is not a true artist, there will be no true artist in the world. 

Olivia Rodrigo and Gwen Stefani’s collaboration   

The recent collaboration of Olivia and Stefani indicates some future collaborations of two stars. However, there is no official announcement regarding Olivia and Gwen’s collaborations. Viral Infos will bring it for you if there are any hints regarding the collaboration. 

Fans can watch Gwen Stefani performing live in her upcoming concerts in May and June. Her next concert is scheduled for May 3 at Great Canadian Casino Resort, Toronto. On May 4, she is performing at Lovers & Friends 2024 in Las Vegas. In addition, she will perform on June 30 at Lake Town Shakedown 2024. 

On the other hand, Olivia Rodrigo is starting her new tour on April 30 from Dublin. She will spend the first half of summer traveling through the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and other countries. 

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