Animal Movie Review: A Hero With Villainous Soul 

Animal Review/collection

Animal Movie Review for Both Cinephiles and Mass Audiences: Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ‘Animal’ has been released in cinemas on December 1st. 

Animal Review

Ranveer Kapoor and Bobby Deol Starrer’s Animal movie arrived in cinemas on December 1st. However, the movie has clashed with Sam Bahadur, a Vikky Kaushal starrer movie. Animal has been creating a lot of buzz since its release. 

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ‘Animal’ is receiving mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. While a specific segment of the Indian audience applauds Vanga’s direction and storytelling, there are certain people elsewhere who express dissatisfaction with the final product in cinemas.

Here is a quick look at how we see the overall performance of the film. 

Full Animal Review

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal is based on a toxic relationship between a father and a son with a flavor of next-level violence. The movie endeavors to portray the profound extent of a son’s love for his father, illustrating how he can surpass any limits to ensure his father’s happiness.

Animal explores a classic Bollywood theme where a son seeks revenge on those who harm his family. However, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s approach deviates from the traditional formula. Unlike conventional narratives centered solely on revenge, ‘Animal’ delves into the emotional motivations that drive a son to take such extreme actions against those who have harmed his father or loved ones.

In essence, the film revolves around Ranvijay Singh, portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor, who turns violent when his father, Balbir Singh (played by Anil Kapoor), is attacked. Taking on the role of the head of the household, Ranvijay embarks on a series of violent acts. Despite being a heroic character, he defies conventional positive character traits. 

Rashmika Mandhana, playing Geetanjali, seems to serve the purpose of bearing Ranvijay’s male ego and satisfying him. Reflecting Vanga’s cinematic world, the film appears to neglect the portrayal of respectful roles for women.

Bobby Deol’s character, Abrar Haque, aims to match Ranvijay’s terror but has limited screen time. In a movie spanning 3 hours and 21 minutes (as per a report by wikipedia, Abrar Haque only appears in three to four scenes.

Vanga’s storytelling works in the first half of the movie, and everything looks pretty good. However, the second half can be disappointing for some kind of audience. Most of the fight scenes have also been placed in the first half of the movie. 

Pros of the Animal Movie

Unique Way of Storytelling: This point can be a flaw for some audiences that want a hero to be one hundred percent perfect. However, we will consider it as a plus for the movie as it gives us hope for change in Hindi Cinema. 

Acting: The acting performances are pretty much good in the movie. Ranbir Singh’s acting for Ranvijay Singh’s character is just next level. Rashmika Mandhana and Bobby Deol have also done tremendous jobs. 

Topic: The topic that Vanga has selected for the movie is also a big decision and will attract the audience for sure. It displays the emotions that most of the sons cannot express. 

*Music is a big plus of Animal. 

Cons of the Animal Movie

Bobby Deol’s Screen Time: We believe Bobby Deol has a lot of acting potential, and he can certainly increase engagement. The Animal has not given much time to Lord Bobby, and we think it was not a good idea. 

No Space for Women: Our per our Animal rewiev the movie does not have anything for female characters, and they are just getting abused by the male characters again and again. And the movie also tries to say that this kind of abuse is fair in romantic relationships. We do not feel the same. 

Movie’s Length: Overall, the movie length looks okay with the stuff it provides, but we think the second half could be better and more concise. 

We do not want to impose our own point of view on you and will recommend you make any decisions only after watching the movie. However, in this Animal review, we can ensure that the movie will not disappoint you on the first watch. 

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