Blind Faith Killed Over Hundred Devotees in India, Hathras 

Blind Faith Killed Over Hundred Devotees in India, Hathras 

The death toll in the stampede in Hathras has risen to 122, with more than 50 people still undergoing medical treatment. While the so-called saint responsible for the unfortunate deaths of the devotees is still absconding.

An unfortunate event claimed the lives of over one hundred innocent devotees in Hathras, India. A stampede at a self-proclaimed saint’s event resulted in the deaths of approximately 122 people. The tragic accident occurred when Baba (Saint) Narayana Sakar Hari concluded his lecture in Hathras and departed.

As people suddenly surged forward to seek his blessings, the lack of adequate space led to a deadly stampede. Over one hundred lives were lost due to the ensuing chaos.

The police and locals responded swiftly, attempting to transport the injured to the hospital. Despite their efforts, about 50 people died on the spot, and another 72 succumbed either on the way to the hospital or shortly after arrival. 

The total number of deaths in Hathras remains uncertain as the toll continues to rise. The number of women and children among those who died is said to be high. While the people are crying about the terrifying event deaths, the saint responsible for all the chaos is absconding. 

A minister from the state government has announced a compensation of ₹50,000 for each injured devotee and ₹200,000 for the families of those who died in the tragic accident.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also ordered an investigation into the incident. Prominent state leaders are visiting the site of the tragedy, and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is expected to visit Hathras soon.

Who is responsible for Hathras stampede? 

Both the Baba and the administration share responsibility for the deaths and the stampede. Typically, organizers of such events must obtain clearance from the administration before proceeding.

It is the administration’s duty to ensure the event will not harm anyone and that the organizer has sufficient resources to manage it safely. When necessary, the administration provides security personnel to help ensure the event concludes peacefully.

District and state administration bodies also have the authority to cancel any event if they foresee potential risks.

However, in the case of Hathras, both the organizer and the administration failed in their duties. The district magistrate granted clearance for the event without properly evaluating the expected number of devotees or the size of the venue.

Meanwhile, Baba Narayana Sakar Hari, who had taken responsibility for managing the crowd without the administration’s help, failed in his duty. As a result, both parties are equally responsible for the over 100 deaths.

Why we called it blind faith?

The Baba involved in the accident was known for his claims of alleviating the pain and suffering of his disciples. His followers believed he had the power to heal the sick just by seeing them. Baba himself had declared that he was a divine man, and his name suggested he considered himself a god.

However, today’s incident has cast doubt on these claims. If he were truly divine, his followers would not have been harmed so severely. If he could cure the diseases of his devotees just by seeing them, why was he unable to prevent their untimely deaths?

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