Cardinals Released Tight End Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz release

The Arizona Cardinals released the tight end Zach Ertz on November 30, clearing the way for Trey McBride. 

Zach Ertz release

Tight End Zach Ertz’s recent release from the Arizona Cardinals has sparked a flurry of updates on social media. Fans are expressing criticism of the decision, even as some officials suggest that the move aligns with Ertz’s own wishes.


Despite this explanation, fans continue to question the Arizona Cardinals’ choice to release the player. The situation has stirred significant attention and discussion within the sports community.


Who is Zach Ertz? 

Zach Ertz, also known as Zachary Adam Ertz, is a well-known American football tight end with a notable career. He began his professional journey with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 and has earned recognition as a three-time Pro Bowl selection. 

Why is Zach Ertz trending? 

Zach Ertz’s current trend is his recent release from the Arizona Cardinals. JJ Watt confirmed this development in a tweet, stating that Ertz had requested and been granted release from the Cardinals. Following this announcement, football fans took to social media to share their opinions, contributing to Ertz’s trending status. 

Right after this news went viral, almost every football fan is sharing their views on social media, and that is the reason why Zach is trending now. 

The team that Zach Ertz can join? 

As a free agent, Zach Ertz is now open to signing with any team in the league. Speculations about his potential future team are circulating, with two possibilities:

Philadelphia Eagles: Rumors suggest a potential return to the Eagles, where Ertz has previous experience and a strong connection.

Kansas City Chiefs: Despite the Chiefs having a formidable team led by Travis Kelce, Ertz could be a valuable addition, providing depth in the pass-catching department.

The ongoing discussions and anticipation regarding Zach Ertz’s next move continue to fuel his popularity and make him a focal point of interest among football fans.

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