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Good News: Christina Hendricks and George Bianchini Are Married
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Good News: Christina Hendricks and George Bianchini Are Married

The 48-year-old Mad Men Actress Christina Hendricks and her camera operator George are married now. They tied the knot in the New Orleans Ceremony on April 20. 

Good News: Christina Hendricks and George Bianchini Are Married
Good News: Christina Hendricks and George Bianchini Are Married

It may sound weird, may sound surprising but they are married now and it is the fact. The couple got married in presence of Matt Weiner, MAe Whitman, Christian Siriano and Retta. 

Christina Hendricks and George chose Napoleon House as the venue for their wedding. Since the marriage was quite silent, there was not much to disclose about the event, programs, and guests. 

However, some big names such as Matt Weiner, MAe Whitman, and Christian Siriano, etc. attended the ceremony for. 

Christina Hendrick on her wedding 

While talking about the venue, the star said, “New Orleans is a place that I always loved to go before I met George and a place that he always loved to go before he met me. And then when we first started dating or meeting up, because we lived across the country from one another, it was the place in the middle.” 

According to Christina, New Orleans is like home for her and her husband, George Bianchini. 

Christina Hendrick and George Bianchini’s relationship 

In November 2023, Hendrick told People that they love the same things. “We love the same kind of places, the same music, the same food, and the same sense of humor,” she revealed during the interview. 

So, their relationship is not new; they understand each other very well. Hendricks and Biachini were first romantically linked in 2021 when they attended a Christian Siriano exhibit in Georgia. 

According to Hendricks, they started dating each other in 2020. 

Who is George Biachini?

George Bianchini is a camera operator who splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles. He is a member of the Society of Camera Operators. 

George has worked in high-profile TV shows and movies alongside A-list casts, including I Love You with Hilary Swank, PS, Kathy Bates, and The Switch with Jennifer Aniston. 

According to Tuko News, George Bianchini’s net worth is about $10 million. 

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