Israel Palestine War: Israel to Start Bombing South Gaza

Israel vs Palestine

The Israel Palestine war is now crossing all limits of inhumanity as the IDF has decided to attack South Gaza, where civilians were told to shelter.

Israel vs Palestine

Image Credit: The Japan Times

According to CNBC, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi has said, “We fought strongly and thoroughly in the northern Gaza Strip, and we are also doing it now in the southern Gaza Strip.”

In the ongoing Israel-Palestine War, a resurgence of inhumanity has occurred, particularly following the resumption of battle on December 1. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are actively targeting and eliminating Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. However, the consequences are dire as innocent civilians are becoming casualties due to the bombardments.

The situation has worsened with Israel escalating its attacks on the southern Gaza Strip. In this area, Palestinian civilians were instructed to seek shelter during the early stages of the Israel Palestine war.

In the initial war phase, Israel was claiming to eliminate the Hamas terrorists in the Northern Gaza stripe. That’s why the civilians were told to hide in Southern Gaza to save their own and their loved ones’ lives. However, the Israel Defence Forces have now expanded the attacks in Southern Gaza. 

Why is the IDF attacking southern Gaza after the Israel Palestine War resumed? 

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks are concentrated around the southern city of Khan Yunis, where the IDF suspects Hamas leadership is trapped in underground tunnels. However, according to a Google-translated update from Arab media spokesman Avichai Adrai, the IDF is requesting Palestinian civilians to evacuate parts of the city. 

A few weeks ago, the IDF recommended that Palestinians seek protection south of the Wadi Gaza wetlands as destruction unfolded in the northern part of the enclave. Now, with the latest action targeting Khan Younis, a serious question arises: where can civilians go for refuge next?

Despite the US saying that forced Palestinian displacement should not occur, the plight of the people persists, leaving many in uncertainty and suffering.

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